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Sign this petition to protect home sharing

Dear friends, please sign this petition to protect home sharing like Airbnb. Hotels want legislation that would impose a $2,500 tax on hosts, ban you from sharing your home when you are out of town, force home sharing platforms to violate your privacy and add in-person inspections of your home. actnow.airbnbcitizen.com.

I signed.

Where does the $1.25 billion collected go if we are charged $2500 to become a host?

I’m sure this is very unlikely to happen.

One would hope any taxes your local government raises for permits etc, would go towards helping develop local affordable housing for those living and working in areas where BNB hosts live.

I hope you’re right about it not happening, although I can sympathize with residents of some cities where there is a negative effect of having an over-saturation of whole homes being rented out. But that’s not what hotels care about of course. They want all the business.

I think there should be room in the market for hotels, hostels, holiday lettings and airbnb where the concept is someone shares their home or a self contained unit that is part of their home.

Unfortunately BNB and those looking to make a fast buck have taken the BNB concept so far away from its original routes with disasterous consequences for communities in major cities.

I agree. Airbnb is losing it’s hokey, homey, personal feel.

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