Sign the petition regarding the new Airbnb cancellation policies in Italy

I signed the petition and wrote the following comment on the petition.:

These new policies are clearly a bad idea.

(The following text is pasted verbatim from the email about the petition sent me. If you signed it, reply to this thread, and include the comment you posted in the petition.)



I just signed the petition, “Airbnb’s NEW cancellation policies are absolutely WRONG.”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link: []



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Signed and this is what I wrote:

“I’m signing this because I’ve already seen that Air does not stand by existing cancellation policies, regularly refunding guests at the host’s expense. So now hosts will be paying a higher percentage ALWAYS if they want the illusion of protection from cancellations, and there will be no guarantees that they’ll actually keep the money when a guest cancels. Want to protect hosts? Have it show on a guest’s profile when they make a cancellation for whatever reason, it shows up on the host profile. Show a guest’s stars, a host’s always shows. Hosts take all the risk with their property and livelihoods, and there is a small number of guests who will trample over them with no recourse or protection.”


Thank you so much dear hosts!

I can’t believe that this petition doesn’t even have 1000 signatures given the hundreds of thousands hosts out there. That’s really pathetic.

I’ve never had any issues with cancellations in the past 2 years but I have to assume that’s because current policies discourage it. If people start booking with the mentality of “hotel shopping” where they book multiple places and cancel last-minute without penalty, I’m sure that cancellations will become commonplace.

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All the platforms’ policies will converge since they want to remain competitive with one another.

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That’s overly pessimistic. If there is a big move in this direction by existing platforms, which is definitely possible, I think platforms which are fairer towards hosts will be created, since there is clearly a need/market. But of course, there is no guarantee they will stay that way. I.e. a platform could be created that was fair to hosts, and gradually become less fair to hosts.

Also, if you signed the petitiion, you could post your comment here.

It’s not pessimistic at all – it’s just how capitalism works.

Capitalism is driven in part by supply and demand. Hosts are also consumers. Having said that, I’m certainly no expert on the dyanamics of the rental industry - so I will defer to more expert voices.

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