Show your neighborhood to your guests (digitally)


we have developed a tool for our private use (as a digital ‘black book’ allowing me to save places and share them with friends) but realized that any Airbnb host can use it also to improve his guests stay - for free! Also for his guests it is for free!

How do you share your tips for your neighborhood today? You write all your tips on a piece of paper and leave them for your guests. They enter them in Google one by one and try to get more details (pictures, location…). This is not really convenient and your great tips might get lost after the first night out of your guests (my last host had about 100 tips for me…and it was not really usable).

With myLike you enter your tips only once. With pictures, comments and ratings.

Now comes the cool part:
You decide who can see your tips as you define their visibility to the outside.
You can give your guests access to the tips in myLike you want them to see or you share them via mail (or other communication channels). You can organize them in lists (48 hours tour…) or share them individually.

The other cool part is:
Your guests can actually use your tips now, add their own experience and take them home with them. All digitally on their mobile phones.

Please check it out and let me know what you like and do not like:

(I am actually the founder of myLike)

No, there is a guidebook already on the ABB app (I assume on website also) that I have used since starting hosting last year. It has all the attractions, restaurants etc. Its good as they don’t need to download a different app etc

I don’t think that any of the hosts here are so unprofessional. Most use apps, custom created guidebooks or personal recommendations.