Should I worry?

I received an instant booking today and while messaging the guest he asked a few questions that concerned me. First, he wanted to know when he would receive a receipt for his payment via email. I told him it should be fast and to check his email. Then, he asked me for the specific (exact) address of my property. I told him he would receive it from me 5 days before arrival but gave him the name of our condo complex and road. Then, he asked “this is in Ruidoso, NM, right?” Ummm, yeah, you booked it. Where do you think it is? He lives in El Paso, 2 hrs away and many of our guests are from El Paso. Do I need to worry? Do I need to report something? He is supposed to check in June 25. Curious about this. Again, it is an instant book so it is paid.

Sounds like a typical clueless AirNewbie; I wouldn’t worry. You did right, although I probably would not have given him the name of the complex.

The “correct” response the “when will I get a receipt” is “That is all handled by AirBnb – they do all that for us, you’d have to speak to them.”

Ruidoso, eh? Did you ever run into a lady dulcimer builder/player there named Kerry Coates? Fantastic craftswoman; died far too young…


I did tell him that the $ is all handled through Airbnb and not me. No, never did run into her, but I’m a newbie to the area.

I agree with KenH. Simply another newbie that needs reasurrence, which I think should be expected if it’s his first time using Airbnb.

Some guests are just needier than others. I think it’s fine. However you might expect him to be the guest who can’t find things, doesn’t read signs, etc. I like to think that these slightly irritating guests are balanced out by the ones who instant book, communicate just enough, and stay without even the slightest problem.


Does he have any previous reviews? I agree with others that he just sounds new and is worried about sending his money to some stranger on the internet, even though Airbnb is huge corp with a well known reputation.

As you know, I’m in El Paso and for years the software has said that I’m in Juarez or lumped me in with Las Cruces. In an area with few rentals the map expands regardless of what someone typed in. I’ve had people book with me that wanted Las Cruces then had to contact Airbnb and cancel.

You don’t have the exact address on your listing? I’ve always gotten the exact address after I booked and according to Airbnb that’s when they get it. It should be on his receipt/itinerary. If a host was being evasive about the exact address after I booked a reservation I’d be nervous and wonder what they are hiding.


No reviews and says he had been a member since 2018 but was able to instant book so he has his ID uploaded I’m assuming. I have it set that not everyone can instant book. My listing does have the exact address which I’m assuming Airbnb gives with the booking notification. I send out a message with an attachment with driving directions and the map several days before arrival.

Location is a big PITA for my listing.

An Airbnb search for Myrtle Beach brings up listing along a 30-50 mile stretch of coast depending on filters & dates.
E.g. Someone looking for a July rental may get a 50 mile range because the search is looking for anything available and most listings are booked.

Whenever a guest says, “this is our first trip to Myrtle Beach”; here we go. “This rental is in a separate township. Myrtle is a 20-30 minute drive south”