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Should I warn my guests about new neighbors?


OH… Airbnb hates anything that smacks of discrimination. Don’t use the word Latin in any Description. They will warn you or shut you down.

Actually they sound like fun neighbors to me. I would love to play some dominoes with Latin music playing. Why don’t you wait until they arrive to mention the domino parties?


I think the problem is that previous guests, all of whom have mentioned Spanish being spoken, have been giving her AirBNB listing low ratings. His/Her goal, by changing the listing narrative, is to filter out any potential guests who would not feel comfortable with the dominos parties so that the space doesn’t keep getting “dinged.”


It’s South Florida, a place I lived for 25 years. I would just put that you are in a culturally diverse neighbourhood with all the “wonderful sounds and atmosphere that accompany it.”


I love that and it’s so true. And when I first moved to South Florida I loved hearing people speaking Spanish because it was so ‘foreign’.

I’d avoid that as well as Latin. ‘Airbnb unit’ sounds very impersonal. I refer to the rental as ‘your apartment’ - trying to give people a sense of ‘ownership’ of the place.


Ok I have gone back & forth on this. Maybe I’ll say nothing! It’s a room with private entrance, and I keep the price around what Airbnb suggests. (To a point!) I appreciate the input, still undecided.

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