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Should I SWITCH from AirBNB to another site in order to avoid fines/shutdown in NYC?


I am a host in NYC and I’m wondering if I should switch my listing to another site in order to avoid fines/shutdown on my listings. Are other sites subject to the same rulings as far as handing information over? It would be quite a bit of work to coordinate switching over but I’d like to do it if there’s a good chance it helps to avoid major problems for me


I think you know the answer to this.
It’s over in NYC. Find another line of work. :cry:


They banned the activity, not the site you use.


i understand they banned the activity and not the site - but every time i see news of this debate it seems to center around airbnb - so i’m wondering if anybody feels that other sites pose less of a risk. it’s a fair question. if i’m not mistaken, many years ago, napster was involved in a ton of controversy and ultimately shut down as a site to download music. tons of other sites did the same thing and escaped the same fate. so, as i said, i’m just wondering if people know about other sites that might be escaping the scrutiny.


i joined a forum because i actually don’t know the answer. ha. it’s possible there are other sites that have escaped the same level of scrutiny and I’m posing the question to a group of people to see if anybody knows the answer. that’s the purpose of a community such as this, right?


I don’t know the answer but I’m sure that VRBO/Homeaway and TripAdvisor will be included sooner or later, too.

As an option, develop your own website and take direct bookings.


This situation in NYC is bigger than any forum my friend. The handwriting is on the wall. I don’t say that with any relish or gloat because the hammer is coming down on us in Hawaii as well. Why do they have to do this to any of us I don’t know.

That being said, search here for two recent threads about the New York news, where you may be able to talk to other New Yorkers. From what I am reading, it’s bad and switching platforms is not going to save you. :cry:


Have u looked at local companies that specialise in finding rentals that are 1-3 months long. This is a segment of the market that has long existed before airbnb.


Yes, all rental platforms must turn over host data or risk heavy fines.
Where in nyc do you host and what kind of rental do you offer?

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