Should I "Report This User"?

Did you find the freezer boxes all in the trash? Or do you think they took a bunch of it with them to someone’s house?

Since you physically showed the guests certain shelves/cabinets/drawers you use for yourself, then they knew that freezer food was yours. It’s easy for guests to play dumb though and say “oh…I thought that was for us.”

You were unlucky and had some guests who thought they could save a tonne of money by eating your food morning noon and night. That’s a lot of food for a couple of people who are doing their best not to spend elsewhere.

I found some evidence - and clear indication on the dirty dishes - that they had eaten the frozen waffles here. They may have eaten the entire package of 9 english muffins (they did use the toaster). I did NOT want to dig through the trash to find out. They ate the fruit I left for them, two bags of microwave popcorn, and about 6 granola bars (these could have been taken. Again, I didn’t check). All of this in addition to their pizzas and KFC jumbo bucket (with sides) in a 6 hour period just makes me sad. And gives me heartburn.

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Geez! It’s good thing they brought their pizzas and loads of KFC, or you would have been completely wiped out :smile:

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I want to ask what your house rules are and whether the guests had clear violations. Such as did they adjust heat when told not to, or did they smoke in violation of this house rule.

I know it sounds elementary and obvious but you have to make sure some of these things are clear house rules. For instance, a guest I had two years ago had unregistered guests over but it was not a violation of the house rule. Of course I quickly added it as one, but in her review I just said she used bad judgment by bringing persons unknown to me over without my permission.

These were bad guests and they did do damage… To your time schedule, your peace of mind and a few other things you can probably think of. Since all of it was so egregious, you should definitely open a case just to have everything on the record.

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Good point @konacoconutz, I admit I didn’t get much sleep that night. And I’m going to have to do some serious thinking/editing of my review.

When you say open a case, is that to recoup monetary damages? I don’t think I’ll need to do that. It took me a bit longer to clean (maybe 1.5 or 2 hours) since I washed anything and everything that could possibly absorb smoke odor. But I had some decent music on, so that made up for it. :grin: If it is to alert Air that a guest has broken house rules, thats a different story…

My opinion is that they had violated three rules:
Rule 1: No parties. While I THINK this is what they did - only there a few hours, no beds slept in, no towels used, volume of food eaten, empty beer/alcohol bottles, etc - is that actually proof? If not, what IS proof?
Rule 2: No smoking. Again, while there was a faint odor of smoke, the heat was cranked to 80 and a window left open, and I found remnants of smoking material in my apartment, is this proof? Do I have to actually witness someone smoking in my home in order for Air to consider it a fact?
Rule 3: Remove shoes. There were muddy shoe prints throughout the house, so I guess that is proof they did not remove their shoes? I’m sure “someone” could argue its not.

Turning up the heat is not a violation. I mentioned it here because it was abnormal, and relevant to the open window/smoking in the apartment scenario. I likely wouldn’t mention it in my review. The other items were simply check out procedure violations, so I suppose that doesn’t count as far as Air is concerned? They left the small heater in the bedroom on and I ask that they turn it off before leaving. “Do the dishes” is a part of my check out list. They did not. And I ask that they clean the microwave/stove/etc if they use it. They did not.

Because these are my first “bad guests” I thought it helpful to get some seasoned host opinions on how/when to review. I’m glad I did!

So I guess I may have to come up with a rather generic review, something along the lines of “while guest was polite and timely with communication, he was not able to complete the check out items before leaving. I cannot recommend this guest”.

I mean really, how do I let other hosts know he broke house rules without Air deleting it because its “second hand knowledge” or some such?

I’ll work on it…

I would not say did not complete check out items. I misread that and thought you meant something else. It’s ok to just list them. Also it does not matter whether they were good at communication. Everything else they did negated that one good thing.

In the private feedback you can mention the apparent party. If you do it in the review they can scream assumption! One little thing like that can get your review removed. Or you can word it carefully. There were pizza boxes, beer bottles and other rubbish which was surprising considering I only had two paying guests. Something like that. But be careful!!

The guest did not leave the home neat and clean and violated the house rules. He did not clean the kitchen as requested. He left a lot of extra trash and mess which required extra time for my staff to clean. Unfortunately, because the guest broke the house rules and did not respect my space, I cannot recommend.

Stop being so nice :smile:

These guests were bad guests. It’s a good thing you were able to lock the heat at 73, as they would have left it cranked at 80 for all 3 days with the window wide open. And they left your space heater on too?

I’ll write a review for you and you can use any part you wish, or just discard the whole thing. Any idea if how many bottles of beer, wine, liquor they left?

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Well, there was a lot of stuff in the garbage that I didn’t bother to inspect, but what I can remember is 4 or 5 cans of some kind of “hard” lemonade or whatever kids drink nowadays, a fifth of a generic brandy, numerous (maybe 10?) empty soda cans, an almost empty gallon of OJ, and probably 4 or 5 almost empty cans of beer. The rest was in the trash.

Here is a rough draft. I didn’t even include that they supposedly left after 6-7 hours because it would be too wordy to try to explain how you know that. But I didn’t mention that they smoke, nor did I mention that they had a party. Also, it wasn’t worth mentioning the “no shoes” house rule.

“Guest booked my house for three people for three nights. I am able to control my wifi, door locks, and thermostat remotely. A few hours after arrival I received notification that they had disconnected a part for the internet, and guest said his brother was trying to charge his phone; this made no sense. Then they continued to attempt to set the thermostat to 80 degrees. I finally had to remotely lock the thermostat at 73 degrees. It’s a good thing I locked it because after check out I discovered a bathroom window wide open and the bedroom space heater running. My rules state no smoking; I found a cigarette butt on the bathroom counter and also found an empty pack of cigarettes. I turned on the television and bluetooth speakers; both were left on maximum volume. Muddy shoe prints were tracked throughout the house. The kitchen had dirty dishes, empty beer cans, etc on the counters. I showed Guest around upon arrival and he was aware that I had personal items put away. I naively assumed Guest would know the freezer food was my personal food, but they helped themselves to it. Considering the reservation was made for only 3 guests, for the short time they stayed, there was an incredible amount of trash, food containers, etc. that was left behind.”


Cabin rocks on writing reviews!


True! There are so many weird things going on here that I wouldn’t know where to begin. It is just me or would anyone else find it a bit creepy to stay in a place where the host could remotely control things?

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Well things like temperature and such are not so weird. We have done stories on homeowners where everything in the home can be controlled remotely!

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No, not in the least.

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You’re not going to want to hear this but that volume of alcohol is not enough for a party. It’s about enough for a few people drinking solidly for a few hours. And if those people are stoned they will also eat a lot. I’m convinced a party in your place would have been 100% obvious. What you had was stoners who got hungry.

Am I missing something? Is there a HUGE difference between 73 and 80? One is 23 Celsius the other 25 Celsius. What am I missing ? I don’t know if raising the heating 2 degrees would cause me to stress out …


Having read on here about these things, I would expect it now - in the US, at least. I do find it a bit creepy that a host would go through all the garbage, though, and make judgements on me based on what I’d drunk or eaten. Jeez, just throw it out, clean the place and move on, no? Flagging users for eating a lot of pizza and consuming too much alcohol (in your opinion)?? I appreciate breaking the no smoking rule is really bad but honestly, please don’t use the ‘flag user’ option. If hosts use it for these trivial matters, it won’t mean anything.


Didn’t he say there were pizza boxes? I forget all the party trash he listed. Unless he has proof, he cannot mention that he suspects there were unregistered guests or even a party. But he can strongly say that he found a large volume of trash and rubbish left behind. Also wouldn’t pot smoking also be against the rules? I don’t allow any kind of smoking, e cigs or vaping at my house. I personally don’t mind pot but I don’t know how I could state this in my rules without sounding a bit weird. All kinds of smoking not allowed except pot. And frankly, I am not a fan of lighting up anything inside the room, be it candles, incense or pipes.

It might also be an assumption to state that because there was a lot of snack trash left over it must have been because they had the pot munchies. :smiley:

I definitely wouldn’t say they were stoned in the review. But the 5 cans of strong lemonade and some left other scotch is nothing. Same with the beers. I have drunk a whole bottle of scotch to myself on more than one occasion… :sweat_smile:


This host said more than once that they did not and would not go through all the garbage. I got the impression a lot of stuff was sitting around on tables and counters.

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I’m a huge fan of pizza and booze :slight_smile:

This is why I’m always very careful to take my own garbage out when I’m in a rental - I should be more sensible in my dietary habits at my age!

@Zandra is right though - the drinks listed hardly make for a fun evening for three people, let alone a party. And parties seem to be a bit boring these days if the bed wasn’t used. :wink:

Weird that no towels were used - even in just a couple of hours people would have rinsed their hands after going to the loo. It seems that they were very mucky people if their didn’t even use a couple of towels!