Should I make a claim with Airbnb for a burn on my sofa?

I had a young woman here for three nights. The last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I smelled something burning. I saw her bedroom door open (she’s up the spiral staircase, I’m downstairs). I asked if she was burning something. She said, “Yes, incense.” I said, “You can’t burn anything in my house!” And she said okay. I didn’t go up there to check.

So… today, my cleaning lady told me someone burned a hole in the couch upstairs. Sure enough, the couch that faces the No Smoking sign has a small burn (yes, I have a no-smoking sign on my upstairs lanai).

So… what now? She must have dropped the incense on the couch since the burn is on two sides of a crease (two small burns).

I’ve never made a claim with Airbnb.
What do you think?

Your guest burned the sofa, not Airbnb. They will most likely ask you to contact the guest (if you haven’t done so already) and request reimbursement through the Resolution Center.


You probably will need to get a quote for it to be fixed. Airbnb wants receipts / invoices.

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Thanks. I haven’t ever used the Resolution center.

Good point.
I wonder who can fix a burn on a microfiber couch?

Hello @Peggy_Farren

If you look on Airbnb Help Centre under guest damage or Airbnb Guarantee it tells you what you need to do to make a claim.

Contact guest first if they ignore you or refuse to pay then you make a claim under the guarantee.

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An upholstery shop can fix it for you.

But, I googled it and a ton of how-tos and videos came up. It seems super easy to repair it yourself and will definitely be faster (and easier) than requesting money from the guest, mediating through airbnb, finding someone to do the repair and waiting for someone to do the repair. It is unlikely that someone will come and repair it for you “in-place” which means you will have to transport the sofa to an upholstery shop, wait for it to be repaired and then have it transported back to your STR. Meanwhile, you can’t have guests staying (and paying) in your STR. You probably will even have to cancel some guests or give partial refunds if your sofa is “in the shop” instead of your STR.

You can try to get some money from the guest if it makes you feel better, but you should ask yourself what really works out the best for you in the end.

If you fix it yourself, you don’t lose any rentals, you spend a lot less time dealing with the guest and Airbnb and an upholstery shop, costing you time and money. Also, it is possible that you will end up dealing with a vindictive review or generally poking and disturbing the guest and that will also cost you time and money in the end.

FWIW, I think it’s faster, easier, cheaper and less stress to just fix it yourself. If you don’t feel very “handy”, it’s certain that you have a friend or family member that could handle it.

When we bought the couch and recliner I paid a nominal extra fee for damage protection. I normally don’t pay for that type of thing …

but knowing we were doing a dogs-welcome VR, replacing the whole couch in advance for only $40 sounded like … how could I lose:smile:
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