Should I explicitly state in my listing that there is no washer and dryer?

It’s a whole house listing.

I can’t offer my washer and dryer because they are in the locked basement. I don’t want guests in the basement for a few reasons:

  1. It’s unfinished and VERY UGLY. It’s like something out of horror movie.

  2. Our stuff is stored down there

  3. safety issues for kids

  4. Will mostly be doing shorter stays of 2-5 nights. Bring enough clothes!!!

There is a nice laundromat about a 5 minute walk away.

Is not listing washer and dryer in the amenities enough, or do I need to draw attention to it?

I think it can help to point it out because it will temper guests’ expectations and avoid disappointment. Less disappointment = better reviews.

I added a couple sentence blip to the top of my “Rules” section that points out possible dissatisfiers (“KNOW BEFORE BOOKING: This is an upstairs suite in my house, not a whole house rental. Izzy the cat and I live downstairs…etc”)

Sometimes I copy just that section into initial communication if I get the sense the guest hasn’t read anything.

I have an ugly basement, too! And it’s poorly organized on top of that :joy: I can’t imagine letting guests have access to it.

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I wouldn’t bother mentioning it. In years, only a few of our guests have wanted to do laundry. Guests who do want laundry facilities often ask before they book.


I agree with @jaquo

If you mentioned everything you didn’t provide it would be a long, long list.


I wouldn’t mention it apart from in the amenities tick-not-box, particularly if you are only doing 2-5 nights. I’ve only once (early days…) agreed to guests using the laundry when they booked for 7 nights. They arrived, emptied a suitcase of dirty clothes almost immediately onto my kitchen floor, did two loads on the trot, complained when I made them dry it on the line and then wanted to do more the following day. I just about prevented myself from exploding, put on my matronly face, said it felt as if they were abusing my hospitality and I was therefore withdrawing the offer. Whilst they stayed the full 7 days, we never saw them again. They went into a passive-aggressive siege; it was horrible.

Lesson learned; never again.


Do you have the box checked? We do, and it states in our listing that there’s a shared coin-op laundry in the basement, and to let us know if they need to use it. Not very many use it, but most that do don’t ask ahead of time. They are often road trippers. I also point out the laundromat in our neighborhood because they can do several loads at once, the place is attended so they could walk down the street and eat, shop or drink while they wait, and they can use a credit card. Still folks want to use our laundry room. It’s a bit of a mess (although horror show would be too strong), but we just warn them and no one seems to mind.

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For 2 to 5 nights, with a launderette 5 minutes away the non ticked box should be enough.
I only allow guests staying longer than 7 days to use my machine. I make it clear it’s only one load a week.

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I would mention it in Other Things of Note. I mention that I do not have a dishwasher.

Arlene, are you in the same apartment complex as me??? We have exactly the same :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think maybe so!!! Isn’t yours a 50’s building too? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Almost - built in 1949 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I think you should leave the door to the basement “accidently” unlocked and when they go down there (because they will) have them discover a bloody head or hand. And a sign that says: “Previous guests who didn’t stay out of the basement”. Say it was left over from Halloween when the police arrive. They won’t do that again.


I forgot to mention that one guest dinged us a star on accuracy, and the comment was that the w/d was not in the unit. It clearly states in the listing that it’s a coin-op w/d shared with other tenants. I guess I need to point out that it’s outside the unit, as maybe these guests thought that other tenants would come knocking on their door during the stay so they could wash their clothes?