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Should I clean the apartment twice for a 2 week stay?


We have a guest staying for 2 weeks in January.
Is it normal to still only do the cleaning at the end, or should we offer to come and tidy the place up mid way through their stay?

Perhaps not tidy up… but should we provide a fresh set of towels/linen or should we leave it up to them to use the washer/dryer to do this?


I vacuum & change towels in my apt renal after 6-7 days. I don’t mind doing it when I think of the revenue that a single booking is bringing in.


I don’t like any guest washing any of my towles/linens because they won’t bother trying to remove makeup stains/spills before throwing in the wash. That’s just me though…many allow guests to do laundry.


I don’t not have laundry facilities for guests and rarely get two-week stays, but if I do, I gladly offer them a change of linens. Most do not take me up on it. Cabin is right. Guests might not spot treat. Like my kids spilling coffee or something on their clothes and throwing it in the washer and wondering why they now have a permanent coffee stain on a white shirt! :slight_smile:

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