Should cancelled reservations due to a rules violation be eligible for a review?

Does anyone know what the “last minute” is exactly?

I have an 11am check out time. Is “last-minute,” for example, 10:59am on the 14th day?

Unless something has changed it is time stamped on the first email notification you get.

For example, Review guest XX!! Tell what you loved and didn’t love. Email sent with love at 6.21pm.

That means on the 14th day at 6.21pm your time the period will expire. You can watch it tick down on your dashboard too, at about an hour to go.

I have it written up already, and at about two minutes to go I let it fly.

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The guest wrote a review this morning. One star.

If you want to post your final review and there’s we can help you respond if you like.

I appreciate the offer. I did respond.

I don’t mind at all what he wrote. I’m just frustrated that he gave me 1-star for something that’s of absolutely no fault of my own and there’s nothing I can do about it.