Shortened messages

Has anyone experienced their messages to guests (within the Airbnb messenger service) being shortened with a" …"I can write about 90 characters then it’s cut off.

No I do not have a character limit on my phone. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Note: this just started last week

If the guest is receiving my airbnb messages via text my messages are often truncated.
My response…
"It looks like you are using text - I can either send my message in chunks, or you can log into airbnb to view the entire message. Please let me know. "


The text message? You will never get the full message in a text. Instead you have to go to either the AirBNB app or your email.

I tell guests that they have to log in to read the full message.

Hmm it’s weird I’ve never had anyone say that to me and now two in a row… that’s what made me figure I was doing something wrong! I will def take your advice though…

I use a mini i-pad I can use on the move to be able to read full messages, after receiving a truncated text.

I should clarify that I am not seeing any shortened messages, it’s the guests that are reporting to me that they have been…

Would that be SMS or messages seen on the App. Text/SMS messages have always been truncated. You have to have an Internet connection and use the app/browser logged in to see the whole thing.

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I’ve had a couple guests mention this recently… I just reminded them to make sure they’re using the Airbnb app or the website to see the full messages. I also remind them that during their trip I’ll be communicating with them through the Airbnb platform and that they really need to have the app on their mobile device in order to communicate.

I’ve sort of assumed my guests had access to communicate on Airbnb thru their handsets. It might be good to make that explicit as you do.
Thinking of it though, it’s not necessary that they have the app installed to message you on airbnb. They can simply reply to the emails they get when you send a message, which you’ll then see as a message on your Airbnb conversation with them.

This triple-medium interoperability is quite good on Airbnb.

The only problem being truncated messages… which is what the original thread was about… My messages tend to be kind of long and thorough… so, the problem was them not getting the complete message and not understanding why. :slight_smile:

Indeed. But that’s a limitation of the SMS (short message service) not Airbnb.

Regardless… the safest way to work with everyone’s situation is to remind them to download the app…

Not everyone wants to install yet another app on their phone. Apps can be intrusive and problematic.
Folk are a lot more likely to have email on their phones. So if they can simply ensure they can send emails when on the road, it’s all sorted, problem solved.
The fewer demands we make on the guests the better.

I don’t consider it a huge demand… It’s my understanding it’s important to keep all communications on the Airbnb platform… as my message tend to be on the longer side, they need to use the app or the website to see the full communication. No one has ever pushed back on having to load the Airbnb app… at least not with me when I request it. I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. :slight_smile:

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Good point… I was looking at it from a different point of view…that the 3 different mediums cause confusion and disfunction. But I like your attitude, that if one way isn’t working as we would like, we have 2 other avenues! :slight_smile:

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