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Short term rental regulations proposed in San Francisco to deal with AirBnb and other listing sites


Just read this article about how the city plans to regulate the 5000+ listings in San Francisco that have listed on AirBnb.

The new changes, as explained by Chiu, would:

Regulate Single-Family Homes

Requires residents of single family homes to register with the City for permission and comply with the principal place of residence requirement.
Strengthen Enforcement

Consolidates the enforcement function from two agencies into one and moves the responsibility to the Planning Department from the Department of Building Inspection.
Increases administrative penalties for repeat violations by doubling the fine for second offenses and tripling the fine for third offenses.
Requires the Planning Department to issue a registration number with approval and residents to include the registration number in any posting, to improve documentation and monitoring.
Protect Affordable Housing

Reinforces exclusion of subsidized and affordable housing from participation in short-term rental activity, specifically below market rate (BMR) units in the inclusionary affordable housing program and single room occupancy (SRO) units.
Ensure Building and Fire Safety Compliance

Deny permission to units that have outstanding Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire Health, Housing, or Planning Code violations, including notices of violation, notices to cure, orders of abatement, cease and desist orders, or other correction notice.

What does everyone think of the proposed legislation?


By the way the original link is here:

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