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Shipping guests' personal articles

It’s all a matter of perspective. I used to work in Entertainment Business Management. The clients are so entitled and lazy that by comparison anything Airbnb guests do is just mildly irritating. To give an example; I had a client who was on vacation on the East coast when his son (not for the first time) got arrested for trying to buy heroin in Los Angeles. The client told me that I was to get his son bailed out of jail and in to rehab as the client didn’t want to disrupt his vacation. This is not even the craziest client story I can tell.

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Wow is this a name we would know? Enquiring minds! :smile:

No, he is an executive not an actor. I always pleaded with the partners not to give me actors because they were the most needy.

I’ve read horror stories about personal assistant jobs for the big name movie Stars and people said just couldn’t hang with them long because of how crazy demanding they were.

Oh yeah. We who worked in business management had it bad with the crazy demands. The personal assistants had it much worse. It’s a job I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. One of the milder stories an assistant told me was that her boss, a writer/producer, was remodeling his house. On Friday toward the end of the day the construction workers accidentally cut a wire which caused him to lose his internet connection. He told the assistant that she was not permitted to leave work until the internet was restored.

I wouldn’t do it for any amount of money.

My last guest left a phone charger and asked me to send it back to her. She stayed for a week and left the apartment absolutely spotless, so I didn’t have a problem sending it to her. It cost less that $2 and I had to go to the post office anyway. If it had been a larger item, or a guest that wasn’t so great, I definitely would have used the resolution center to request money for shipping and hassle.

@laterbacon – great to hear you had a perfect guest and followed up with an easy resolution of her left-behind item.

When my housecleaner reports that the guests left the place immaculate, I prod her to tell me at least something they neglected, no matter how small, but she will say, “Nope, it was as if no one had even been there!”

I am in awe of those types of guests…and so grateful!

What kind of package did you ship it in for $2? Does post office have a standard envelope where shipping is only $2?

My partner is the one who ships the items back and it usually comes to around $5.75 when I see the receipt. And one time he did ship back a charger - I’d be happy to tell him there is a cheaper method.

I repurposed a small padded envelope I had and sent it first class mail - 4 stamps did the trick

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I charged the package and stamps costs plus 10 dollars for my time.

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