Sharing: Updating your appliances

Sharing something I found to help with making appliances look updated & it is inexpensive (compared to new appliances).

I rent out a one bedroom condo that I’ve been updating as I have funds. It is complete except for the kitchen. Comparable rentals with updated kitchens are booking earlier at higher rates so I’m launching into the kitchen update.

Appliance replacement this year, I hope to do countertops & paint cabinets next year. The appliances were all white & all except the refrigerator were at least 20 years old. The white refrigerator works great & is much newer than the other appliances.

I found a stainless steel contact paper on Amazon and covered it. It was fairly easy & took about 4 hours total including cleaning the refrigerator, cutting & applying paper & painting handles (cost $95 for contact paper, $7 for handle paint). Here are the before & after pics. There are several brands available.

You can use the contact paper on appliances and more. I saw pictures of a cabinet some one covered with it for an interesting industrial look.



Looks great. My only worry is that guest will now abuse the cooling / ice making of it. Keep an eye on usage.

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It will be interesting to see how long the “update” holds up in a rental. Please report back in a year with pictures? I would be worried that the contact paper will wear or even rip. Same way I feel about painting already-installed tile.

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@Brandt. I’m not sure I understand your comment. The refrigerator & ice maker have been in the unit. I don’t think usage will change. Was your comment about something else?

@anon67190644. I’m hoping to get two years out of it. After all is complete in the kitchen, I’m planning to update the refrigerator.

Was being facetious. See washer / dryer thread.


My fridge in the rental unit is getting little spots of rust.
Any suggestions? It’s an oldie whitie. :laughing:

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With a little elbow grease, you can clean the rust spots well, and then apply appliance paint. White is an easy to color to match :slight_smile: , so you shouldn’t have any issues.


I’ve done that, and it comes back. I’m in the tropics remember, where rust not only doesn’t sleep, it’s wide awake 24/7!! :rofl::rofl:

I googled and apparently you can try barkeepers friend plus some baking soda. Also a temporary fix.

Was thinking of some tropical themed contact paper!

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Now I get it!!!im a little slow today

Tropical themed appliance art contact paper is available!!!

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Love it!!!..


What an amazing transformation ~ I had no idea they make a stainless steel lookalike contact paper!

(I really must get out more often.)


This looks great.

I don’t think this is the material we typically think of as “contact paper.” Maybe @Annet3176 can clarify. I put a kind of contact paper plastic film on some of the wood surfaces in my guest room to prevent water rings since so many people don’t understand the concept of a coaster. It looks surprisingly good and hasn’t torn, gouged, bubbled or anything else going on 2 years now.

White epoxy paint. Comes in a teeny little bottle at the hardware store…looks like “white-out”.
My Sub Zero is 37 years old !!! We used it on some interior shelf rust this past year.
Works beautifully.



BTW, when you paint your cabinetry, what color or product will you use? I have the same cabinetry in my Las Vegas condo (currently vacant) and I have never liked it. .

I’ve seen the same cabinetry at Home Depot (Lowe’s?) and it looks flimsy and ticky-tacky to me. I tried dressing it up by adding “jewelry”, brushed-nickel knobs, to match the silver specks in the black granite counters (bleccht!..don’t like dark kitchen décor either), but it needs a do-over, at least in color. I would appreciate your input for inspiration.

Pretty please!

I’ve used it, and the rust will pop back through again. :tired_face:

Yeh, I’ve used the appliance touch-up multiple times on the kitchen sink white metal soap dispenser where it was chipped. It always wore off in the same spot. Temporary fix at best.

This never ceases to amaze me. Just tonight I had a guest put down a coffee cup directly onto the table right next to a coaster, literally. What do people think those little square things are for? Decoration??
Also, I continue to be surprised by the number of people who do not understand that a doormat is there to wipe your shoes/boots before entering. It doesn’t seem to be a culturally specific thing, guests from all over the world have FAILED on these basic things.

Sorry for going off on a tangent @Annet3176. Your fridge transformation looks great! What do you use to clean it, btw? The same products as for regular stainless steel?


You didn’t ask me but I’m going to answer…LOL. Best thing I’ve found for stainless is plain water with a “magic eraser” sponge. Then polish off with a cloth. I love these cloths for that purpose:

Other than something like “bar keeper’s friend” I dislike every stainless steel cleaning product I’ve ever used. They leave some film or residue that makes them harder to keep looking good.