Sharing this hilarious review and my equally hilarious response

Just thought I’ll share this hilarious (although upsetting) review…

Public feedback

Perfect location and Daniel are a great host. Just one thing, for those who are allergic/sensitive to dust should consider carefully as I had hard time sleeping because of it (especially the bedroom). The room looked clean however not sure for the carpet, or the vacuum cleaner left in the bedroom.

Public response

Hi Yuri. Thanks for your feedback. We are perplexed by your review as when you checked in (earlier than the check in time), you literally saw us vacuuming the place. (And to clarify, the vacuum cleaner left in the bedroom is a portable one for guest use. The vaccum cleaner stores the dust inside the suction bag, not outside). We vacuum the carpets on every checkout, and this is evidenced by the many guest comments below which has said our place is sparkling /spotlessly clean. Finally, your general allergies to dust is not something we can control, and none of my past guests have raised any issues about dust. In this regard, we feel it may perhaps be a personal sanitation matter, as we have not actually seen you bathe in your two nights stay here. Nevertheless, you have been an outstanding guest who is generally quiet and respectful of the place and we still thank you for staying with us. Cheers.

Thank goodness!!! OMG…

In fact, i didn’t even see her brushing her teeth!

Sorry @Daniel35 I think the comment about lack of bathing is an inappropriate one to make about your guest on a public platform. It seems designed to humiliate.


You wrote this? 2020

perhaps, @Helsi . But i’m so jaded by these ridiculous guests I don’t really care anymore.


I think you missed my point…

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Yeah. I know not everyone agrees with this tit for tat approach to reviews. But I’m closing down my airbnb soon, and I’m really sick of putting up with these unreasonable guests. Kudos to hosts who can stick it out for so long.


Thanks. 5 years coming up and almost 500 reviews. I’ve never really had problems though. Hosting an Airbnb really isn’t for everybody.


Also thus is a public forum that anyone can read whether a member or not. Sometimes posts here end up on stories out there on the internet. So since this post doesn’t really show you in a positive light you might want to reconsider.


Reconsider? Why? So i can get more airbnb bookings? if I were to be perfectly honest I’ll be happy to join an Anti-airbnb lobby group. Little support from Airbnb for hosts, ungrateful guests and crazy ratings systems. What more?


Suit yourself…

Do you think Yuri is going to come back and read this public response?

Maybe? Maybe not? Guess we’ll never know.

I would not book a host who left such public replies. However, since you’re quitting, this sounds like your last hurrah.

yup. I guess its a rule of business that you have to suck it up and act professional. So i totally understand where most hosts here are coming from.

I think it is fair to say that, in order to remain in this business, you have to pick your battles. That’s true of most businesses, I suppose.
Although I did not laugh at the review or response, I know I’ve been tempted to respond that way to ridiculous criticism, too, but had to end up biting my tongue. Hopefully, it made you feel better!

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Thanks @PitonView. Truth be told if I wasn’t shutting my Airbnb gig down I wouldn’t have drafted such a cheeky reply . I’ve had worse guests, the kind who rates u down despite you having done everything for them, bending over backwards etc, but in nearly all cases they were nitpicking on location, nitpicking on noise etc which I admit may not be 5 stars. This guest really was a special one because she practically saw us vacuuming the place. How is one allergic to dust when I’ve never noticed her sneezing , never noticed her coughing all these while? Did she develop rashes? If she did , judging by her comments she wouldn’t be the kind who is shy to point that out.

Fyi. Petrelli is another of my airhostforum account. I think I created it after i lost my password to the first account. Then suddenly I remembered it.

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I get your point but this response was more mean than helpful and I’m sorry you’re unable to take a step back, breathe and write a proper review that doesn’t humiliate your guest like this.

Mind you, this review wasn’t really that horrible so your answer makes you look emotional and that you slightly overreacted.

The only upsetting part of this is your public answer, so maybe its a good thing that you’re opting out as you seem emotional and far from professional.


It wasn’t the worded review that got to me, rather it was the star rating. I take immense pride in my cleanliness, and I guess that triggered the emotional reaction. But anyway, it feels good to be out. I’m feeling really burned from hosting, it might be best for me to take a step back .

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