Shady Shady Shady - VRBO!

I just posted the other day about how all of my VRBO requests come from people who either don’t read my rules before booking, or think that they are exempt and try to book anyway. I have been contemplating removing my VRBO listing because its been more frustrating for me than positive.

I finally received a request from 2 “professional” females looking for a few days girl getaway. It appeared as though they read the rules because they addressed many of the things I had written in the description. The guest I was communicating with said she lived about an hour away and didn’t want to stay in a hotel.

They arrived and greeted my partner who told me that they seemed very nice. I was busy so couldn’t greet them but 10 minutes after they checked into the house they texted me to say that they saw the rules I had written in the house book that says no guests are allowed on the property other than those on the booking, but that they had already invited a friend to visit the following day and they “didn’t see it” on VRBO, and that the friend isn’t staying overnight. I was pissed but said that I would make a one time exception.

So the following day, the guest who booked the house left the house while leaving her traveling companion alone in the house. She drove off and 10 minutes later a second car pulled in and a man got out and went inside. They stayed inside for hours, and when he finally left, the female guest who left them alone all day returned. Perfect timing.

This morning they checked out and I went to say goodbye. The woman who had the male friend visit waiting inside until I was gone to continue loading her car, but the other woman told me everything was great but that some of the build in ceiling lights were not working in the spare bedroom.

They left and I went inside and saw that the bed in the spare bedroom was over 1 foot from where I keep it centered. All the ceiling lights were loose and I had to open up the panels and push them back in. This could only happen from sex or repetitive slamming doors. The washing machine was also on the “whites only” setting, and I had left it on bulky. This tells me that the bed sheets were washed and then placed back on the bed before they left, which is against the house rules because we wash all sheets in our workshop that has a commercial washer with a sanitary setting.

I am so glad they are gone, but I am pissed and feel taken advantage of. They also are the ONLY group of guests I have had since starting out in May that have not signed the guestbook and left a note, and they were guest group 18. What is wrong with people!!?? What can I do to prevent this from happening again. My husband wants me to leave it in a review for them but I feel like that would be invasive to their privacy. Especially if this guest was helping her friend cheat on someone which is why this was so shady. PISSED!

They were hookers. Be careful of local guests, it’s often for sex. The John pays for the room and the sex. I don’t like female friends staying. Female couples not the same thing😎

I don’t know about hookers… It was totally shady but that isn’t what I was getting.

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It does sound as though a hotel might have met their needs better.

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I had people stay from 9am-4pm a few weeks ago that despite trying to put a positive possible story to it were probably here having an affair during office hours. Much cheaper and nicer to book an Air than to pay by the hour at a cheap motel.

Its crazy! Of course I don’t care if 2 people book to have sex, but don’t lie to me and say its a weekend getaway for 2 professional girls, and don’t ask to bring a guest here that isn’t on the original booking. Ridiculous.


Yeah, that’s the issue. At least I went into mine eyes wide open! :flushed:

Well they DID say they were “professionals!” :smile:
What about keeping your VRBO listing but directing customers to Air in it, if Air seems to send better quality guests?

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Professional girls is an acronym code word for hooker
So they were giving you a code word

Hahahaha. I think I will up the price a bit and try to find a way to direct them to Air. Is there a subtle way to do this without getting suspended on VRBO ?

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Wow it amazes me how often this happens! We’re not in a location or situation (we live on the floor above) where an arrangement like that would be convenient, but you never know. @LegendsCreek everything you wrote screams hookers. The only reason you didn’t get that vibe was because they were “professionals”. They know what to say and how to act in order to manipulate people into doing what they want. They’re professional liars. But, now you’ll know for next time. Fool me once…:slight_smile:

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Are you on Pay per booking? I believe it is ok to say there but I could be wrong. If not, I think you if you spell it out cleverly … Find us on that place that begins with what you breathe. Or something?? Are you able to communicate directly when the guest enquired? Or is communication restricted?

Although, just redirecting them from V to A won’t stop them from being a sh**tty guest. :smile:

I think this can also happen on Airbnb - but you do have a chance to review the guest. VRBO has a very simple star review system for guest in an effort to copy Airbnb, but I do not think it has any meaning.