'Settings' for reservation requests

In IB, I can control length of stay when people book (I have max 5 days). However, last night I got a reservation request for a month booking. The time was free on my calendar; I declined the reservation request saying I only do max 5 days. The guest responded that they understood, but were confused why it would go thru to me (after all, they had to pay up front thousands of $$$s).

Is there a setting to prevent folks from requesting outside the parameters I make? Also, any tips on makimg it more obvious to guests without an all caps “5 DAYS MAX” in the description? (A joke, but still…)

When you make it clear that children under 12 are not welcome in a booking and you keep getting booking requests from families that have young children …… I think that Airbnb just show everything and don’t follow the restrictions you have in place and then ding you when you refuse the booking because of the in place restrictions……really unfair and disappointing to the possible guests.
This is the only thing I find positive on B.con - if you say No Kids, they never see the listing!


I have never used IB, my settings are 3 night minimum and 14 night maximum and have never had a request which had dates that were less than 3 nights or more than 14.

I think you need to contact CS (gack) to find out how this happened, because it shouldn’t. Of course, if it’s an inquiry as opposed to a request, they can enter any open dates they want in order to ask a question, and they can ask if you’d rent for a month, but guests shouldn’t be able to enter dates that are outside your availability settings, for either request or an inquiry.

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Thanks M, it is apparently a rule set needed for each of the 3 rooms; CS walked me thru the process and now I am done.