Service Dogs Left Alone in Vacation Rental House

Service dogs can be owner trained. they don’t have to be obtained from an organization that trains service dogs. That costs upwards of $60,000. They are considered medical equipment because they mitigate a disability, the same way a walker and wheelchair mitigate a disability. Do you know (some) why service dogs are trained to use pee pads? Because if they’re on a long flight, that might be their only option to relieve themselves. Most service dogs don’t use pee pads.

I wasn’t assuming that all service dogs use pee pads at all. Just as not all dogs, be they service dogs or otherwise shed, or smell like dog. I was just pointing out that regarding a service dog as “medical equipment” is odd, as live animals are not the same as an actual piece of equipment like a walker or a wheelchair, simply because the disabled person is dependent upon it. I can certainly understand them being classified as essential, though, just as a walker might be.

Using pee pads for a long flight didn’t occur to me, but I do understand that a disabled person with mobility or other issues may not be able to take their dog out for a walk as an abled person might.

Thanks for the info on the disabled person being able to train their own service dog, I didn’t know that. But that still doesn’t mean they would have to reveal the nature of their disability to anyone but an entity that would certify and provide documentation for legitimate service animals.