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Seniors are the worst (spoken by a very senior host - me!)


Ok, I have 2 rooms, tonight one with a late 20s lady who read my manual and rules and is happy and probably sleeping at this point. The other one for a middle aged guy, who had never texted me back the ‘for sure’ easter egg i put in the house manual.

I come in and find him rooting around my private office. I ask him to please respect that he has no access to common areas and kitchen, his reply “I can understand the kitchen, but really?” I then asked if I could help him, and he said he was looking for a cup. Hmmm. I said I’d get one and bring it to him. He then told me that I should provide them for people, and that 'really, I’m expected to just stay in my room?" Er, yes, that is what the description says, house rules say, etc… this is a room.

I bring him the cup with a smile and he says ‘you know, you should provide cups, in case people want to take vitamins, etc’ Well, he is right in a way - I have a no food or drink in the house rule but everyone brings a bottle of water with them, and of course I am ok with that. HOWEVER, his confrontational style and entitlement is very hard to deal with, especially when so many guests (I have had over 50, mostly 1 nighters) have been so sweet and many return many times.

I guess this is a vent, since I ma sorta stuck with him thru sunday, but geez, I am 15 years older than him and I would NEVER be so presumptuous as to simply decide what works for him and what doesn’t… its not about a cup but the fact that he was padding around my house, thru the living room and into my private office, that makes me feel creeped out.

It IS about age too, since newbies and young’ns are very respectful, considerate, and act like gentlemen. I think when ‘experienced’ guests or host/guests show up, they feel that the rules are for others, and that they know much more. Seriously, is asking people to stay out of common areas so difficult to understand and comply with?


snooping around your office? Seriously I’d contact airbnb and try to get him out of there.


We put a keyed deadbolt on our office door. Problem averted. And maybe it’s something about our layout, but we’ve never had problems with guests going into other private areas, except the main kitchen which is admittedly a grey area.


I’m really sorry that happened! Sounds like you came up with a good solution, though, Smart.


It’s funny how he said, am I supposed to stay in my room??
Though I do not reinforce “stay in your room” rule, I prefer when we are home for a guest not to hangout in common areas.
I only had this experience once, and it got to the points that I did not want to come back home from work. There were 3 people who occupied my whole house. Not a question from them: can we use this table, or watch TV, they just went ahead and did it.

I don’t understand what was the problem for him to stay in his room. When he rents a hotel room, does he go into hotel kitchen and snoops around? Or at the front desk to use computer? He rents a room and stays in it.

I travel many years with Airbnb, and thisis exactly whati do: I stay in my room . It’s interesting how people differently look at Airbnb rentals. I always looked at it as a low price place to lay my head, take a shower and get on with my day. I of course wanted to talk to my hosts buti was very carefull about it, as I knew every host has his/ hers busy life with work, schedule, kids and so on. They are trying like all of us make a bit extra with rentals but in noway they signed up to entertain their guests and hang out with them.

Especially when you were so explicit about your house rules that was unacceptable behavor to go into your office. And why was he looking for a cup in the office, but not on a kitchen?


Well said!!! I could not agree with you more!! I am appalled at some of the things I hear about such as what happened with Rolf. In no way shape or form is it ok to rifle through a host’s personal spaces! I agree with the idea of calling Air right now to report this clod. He’s a security risk.

You can wait of course, but this could be the longest weekend if your life. :frowning:

Revise your rules to make sure that guests know what areas they have access to.

There must be a nice way of saying it, maybe other hosts with shared homes can give some ideas.


Oh God. Some people just don’t get it do they? My space is self-contained and attached to our family house. Guests are allowed to use the pool. One man from Belgium went to check the pool out and then asked ‘Do you have any pool loungers that float in the pool?’
‘No, sorry.’
'What are we meant to do in the pool then?'
Really? He wants me to tell him what to do in the pool!
I refrained from answering. ‘Swim, you moron.’ I just smiled and shrugged.


Will I am not offering my pool in the Miami listing because 1. not heated and yes even in Miami it is too cold to swim.and I have a lot of repairs to my screen enclosure and would rather wait to offer it.

If I were to offer it pool noodles and what pool loungers I have…your guest is expecting a hotel ughhh!!! type of thing.


Carmen, for Canadian and people coming from North it’s deffinitely not cod to swim. In 80F :). They swim in the ocean where it’s even colder than pool.
My friend has a pool house that she rents out when they are not here. Only guests from US inquire if the pool is heated.


Oh man…There is no excuse for this guest’s behavior. You don’t go through someone’s office looking for a cup to swallow vitamins. And what ever happened to improvising? He can cup water in his own hands. That’s how I rinse out my mouth after brushing my teeth…sheesh!


Rummaging around in your office?
Does it look like a kitchen?
Very very suspicious behavior.
You may want to out a sign on the door that reads private - do not go in here!


When it gets to this point,… ask yourself is it worth doing AirBnB at all?!

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