Send Private Message Automatically After a Guest Completes Booking?

I am working on creating a listing for my home. Is it possible for a private guestbook/house manual or a message to be automatically sent to a guest after they complete booking which contains sensitive information such as my home’s Wi-Fi password etc…? Or does all private information like the Wi-Fi password have to be manually sent to the guest after they complete the booking?

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Air does this for you automatically I believe.


@Maggieroni is correct that your guests can access this information once they’ve booked. The problem is that they never read this information. You need to give it to them during the walk through if you don’t want reviews that say you didn’t tell them the WiFi code, etc. Also, they never read the guidebook, so they will ask you for directions to the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, etc.


If you build it in your AIRBNB property information in the guest resources section, the information will display in their trip itinerary after their booking is complete. New-to-airbnb guests and many seasoned Airbnb-ears tend to not know about the itinerary so I over-do it: 1. Info in the guest resources/itinerary. 2. Email to guest 1 week prior to visit that includes the information and map/directions to unit (it is a gated community with private roads so GPS isn’t accurate). 3. Post the information in the unit on the refrigerator.

With all that, I’ve had a few guests call & ask for the access information. It’s probably the same guests who want to know if there is a coffee pot and the coffee pot is listed in the text description of the unit plus you can see it in 2 of the pictures of the kitchen.

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@EllenN is correct. They never read the guidebook on AIRBNB so I have a version of it that I email to them a week before their trip and there is a printed copy in the “Guest Resources” notebook in the unit. I have the internet access codes there in addition to being posted on the refrigerator…I still get calls. It’s that “you can lead the horse to water…” story.

I just realized how much I’ve pontificated about this. It is making me realize how annoyed I am with providing the same information over and over. However, it’s part of what I get paid for, so I need to calm down.

I think what I’m really trying to say is that yes, you can put the information in the Guest Resources section of Airbnb and it will automatically be available to the guest when the reservation is confirmed BUT DON’T count on the guest accessing and using it. You need a back-up plan.

I’m finished…no more pontificating about this by me (maybe).

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Hi @tmc1284!

A vacation rental software such as AirGMS is sending automated messages to guests based on triggers. So, for sure you can automate all your communication with this product. Check it out during a free trial (no credit card is required) and see if that’s what you need. And yes, I forgot to mention that this software is free for Airbnb hosts with a single property.

I use and it’s founder, Pierre, is very helpful if you have questions.

I have to say that this is getting me more and more perplexed … our current guests, an intelligent, middle-aged German couple, are here for 11 days, and are half way through. Yesterday evening we invited them for our usual wine and tapas and they were telling us how difficult they have found it to park in the town centre, and no, they haven’t seen the main sights - the roman amphitheatre, the Moorish fortress, the Cathedral, the Picasso Museum because … they didn’t know about them! And no, they had no idea my guidebook gave detailed instructions as to the best car park in town …

I have actually thought of one possible reason for it, but this might not apply to other hosts, and this is language, Although our German guests speak quite good English and say they read it, they might not want to make the effort to read something not in their language. Almost all our guests are either French, German, Dutch or Brits - I’m obviously going to have to do a sneak survey on which nationalities do read the info and I might have to produce foreign language versions.

And a subsidiary question - does anyone besides me read travel guidebooks any more? Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc? Personally I devour them before I go anywhere … AND I read my Airbnb host’s guidebook!

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I too read anything I can get my hands on. Plus I read information on the web, plan our days almost to a T, buy tickets in advance, and make sure I know where all the nearest markets are long before I have landed. Traveling is a huge investment, both in time and resources, and I want every moment count. My husband insists that I schedule at least one down Day per 10 days of traveling. I acquiesce. I wish to stay married.

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I was perplexed about why none of our guests read our Airbnb Guidebook. We have a wonderful regular guest who comes every month or two. She lives in Oregon. She is a native born American and English speaker as are we. I asked her why guests don’t read the guidebook. She hadn’t realized that it existed. She has twelve reviews on Airbnb so she’s a reasonably seasoned Airbnb user.

Yes @tmc1284, it is possible to do it with a little outsourced help.

Although Airbnb offers special fields for WiFi pass in your listing’s description, from my own experience I can say that guests rarely take a look at that fields.

In addition to confirmation message going though Airbnb, you can send an Airbnb message automatically right after a guest completes a booking.

Your Porter App is one of the powerful tools with iOS, Android and web apps which is super easy to use, even if you do not have any prior experience.

I’m one of the creators of this app, so if you have any questions, happy to answer them! :+1: