Send or Request Money not working

Anyone else having this problem? Yesterday and today I am getting an error message saying “Something Has Gone Wrong”. I’ve tried Chrome and Safari and the App.

Did you report the error?

Not yet. Just wondering if anyone else has been affected.

I’d be sure to report the error to Airbnb.Because we are just a group of hosts (and mostly not too tecky!) so there’s nothing we can do about the problem except sympathise. But I imagine that the sooner the problem is reported, the quicker it will be fixed.

I used it a couple of days ago and did not get this error message. However the guest seemed to be having a problem. I assumed it was the guest but it may be something with the site. I then used the “change or cancel” button and changed the fee they paid. That annoyed me because they take Airbnb fees if you go that way but it did get the extra pet fee payment taken care of.

Thanks. I’ll let you know when Airbnb reply.

After waiting a week, I heard back from Air about the Request Money function not working. They said it is a bug and they are not sure when it will be fixed.

It feels like the whole platform is in chaos at the moment. Thankfully I’m still getting bookings but the alerts are only arriving in stits and farts, and I’m having to check my in-box several times a day on my chrome book. I only use the app when I’m out, so not really a problem, just a pain.