Send check? Doesn't seem legit

Hi All

This doesn’t seem legit to me. I have copied and pasted the message from the guest. Is this a common scam?

Thanks for the updated information.
We are okay with the accommodation and cost .
We would also like to confirm the reservation on the following information:
Mr & Mrs David Armstrong
10214 SE ANKENY ST D107
Also , due to the unsecured use of credit card online or on the phone,
I have arrange for payment inform of US check/Money order
Please do forward me the following details for payment
Hope to hear from you soon
Best Regards
David Armstrong
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 10:52 PM”

Yea. It is a scam. And white pages indicates that the residents at that address have different names, in any event.

I would report to AirBNB and move along.

That’s what I figured. Thanks

Yes, this is a scam:

They send a check for too much money
They ask that you send them the difference
After you send them the difference, their check bounces and they’ve disappeared. You are out the amount you refunded from the “overpay”

I’ve heard of people giving the local police department as the address for sending the check, and then reporting the senders for mail fraud.

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Thanks, I got another one today it had the same address but with a different name…it’s from vrbo

AirBnB does not allow checks, and VRBO won’t soon, either. This is part of the reason why.

If you have your own website, expect these scammers to start contacting you through your website as soon as VRBO is accepts only Homeaway Payments.