Selling art to air hosts

Hi there,
After spending my holidays in two seperate air bnb’s, one with great art and one with nothing i want to rech out to the world of hosts to see if buyng artwork from myself (im a painter) woud be something you’d be keen to do.

I just want to test the water.


How would we know we have no clue what your artwork is like, whether it would fit with our decor, how much it costs etc


Are you a host too by the way?

“Art” is such a broad term…


Would like to see your art work. Our studio apartment that we host is very decorated with art that my wife and I enjoy. So maybe yours might “fit in”

I sold a painting to a guest once. They just really really liked the charity shop nautical number I had on the wall. Gave me £75 for it. Only paid £5 :smiley: Hope it wasn’t a bloody Rembrant…

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Somewhat related, I was touring property for my real job and the property manager had some photos made into canvas art. Looked really good. He had Costco do them, said pretty cheap. Thought hosts could use this of photos they have taken of their city.

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I take loads of photos of my city and am always updating them in my guest room - guests love them.

I also have lots of historical photos and paintings, plus some from a local artist of the area.