Selling a Property

My partner and I own several bnb’s and we are planning to sell one of them. We have been superhosts for several years and don’t want to lose that designation. The house we are going to sell has several bookings between now and mid-September. We’d like to go ahead and list in the next few weeks. How do we do this without losing super host for our other places? Do we need to wait until the calendar is free to list and show?

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I’ve done this a couple of times and am about to do it again.
Since you don’t know how long it will take to sell the property and when the closing date will be, it’s prudent not to have dates open too far in the future.

Since my house is going on the market, I only have dates open through May anticipating a rather quick sale.

If you end up cancelling a reservation on one, it will affect your status on all. The realtor told me that if I already have a booking to let her know and they will block that date for showing.

I’m not marketing my house as a STR even through the realtor will let people know it has a guest suite. I’m assuming no one will want to continue with Air, but if they do, fine, they’re on their own. I’m taking most of what is in the guest suite with me.


Your Superhost status is connected to your profile, not individual listings. So as long as you don’t continue to take bookings that you are going to have to cancel if the house sells, which will lose you Superhost status if you cancel more than 1% of bookings in a year, you won’t lose your Superhost.

But you really shouldn’t take any bookings that you would cancel when the house sells. That’s really unfair to guests (I’ve read several angry posts from guests who this happened to) and gives Airbnb hosts a bad name.

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You could inform the guests that you are planning to sell and give them the option now to cancel without a penalty from you (but of course a potential penalty from Airbnb depending on your cancellation policy, which you could choose to reimburse them for).

I understand your concern for losing SuperHost status.

Please tell us your concerns for guests who have scheduled with you and might find their plans cancelled last minute or if the new owner would host them dealing with a new Host.

How are you planning to treat your future guests fairly?

We are definitely taking our guests into consideration and will not cancel them. We may offer to host them at one of our other properties fora huge discount or even free.


Here’s another link you might wish to read.

Why not let the guests know now about your plans to sell and give them options so that they have more time to plan?

If you might offer one of your other properties for a ‘huge discount’ or ‘even free’, why not sooner rather than later?

How will you otherwise handle situations where a potential buyer wants to see the house while the guest is staying there? Or where realtors just show up? See this.

I agree that you should let any guests who might be affected by a house sale know now what the situation is now, and that you would offer them another property for free or at a sizable discount if there was a sale before their book8ng dates.

That offer may seem like any guest would be happy with that solution to you, but some might not be, as it isn’t the property they booked. And if that were the case, the guest could easily contact Airbnb, who would mark it as a host cancellation.

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In my area realtors have to make appointments to see a house. My realtor said if I already have bookings, I can let them know the dates and they will block it from being shown.

Same here.

But anecdotally I’ve read of realtors just ‘dropping by’. They shouldn’t but I’ve read that they sometimes do.

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True. Before I had my own property here in Mexico, I lived in a rental, long term, that was for sale. The real estate agent was supposed to give me 24 hours notice to show the place, but would often arrive unannounced with prospective buyers in tow, sometimes showing up early in the morning, waking me up, always with insincere apologies and lame excuses about how that was the only time the lookie loos could come.

I’ve never met a realtor I trusted. :wink: They all seem to have some smarmy, self-serving attitude in common.

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I’ve had the same experience with real estate agents. Our property used to be a long-term rental until the renter moved out and then we decided to do some renovations. We cancelled our contract with the real estate agency. Like, completely cancelled it. Told them we were renovating, that it would take months, that we didn’t know what our plans would be after that. (At the time we weren’t sure we were going to ABB it but we did know we didn’t want to deal with those agents because they hadn’t been very good property managers.). Then one day I get a call from the guy who is renovating our bathroom saying that there’s a real estate agent at the door who wants to show the property to a potential renter! It was a big pile of dust and tile shards at that point, which they could see peering past our renovator, and they still tried to enter!

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Just had my house on the market, offer in 2 days, accepted offer 2 days later. No comments from buyer about a STR so don’t have to worry about that.
Where I’m looking to move, rarely see anything that would work as a STR in my price range. There was one and it had an offer in 1 day so never got to see it. Doubt if I’ll be hosting at the next place.
Will have my calendar open very short term so I can accommodate but not get myself in a bad position.

Thank you. I’m in a fan group for a popular artist who is playing at the Gorge in WA this June. A member reported that the reservation made in Dec has been canceled because they are selling the house. The are rightfully upset and panicky. It’s a VRBO but it’s certainly bad publicity for the brand (and same when an Airbnb host does it.)

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Congratulations and good luck on your next phase.

I’m expecting to sell my house and a friend has verbally committed to buying it, but if not, I also expect a quick sale. My house is set up for Airbnb and an in home dog boarding business and if my friend doesn’t buy it, it would be cool to find someone interested in taking over my business so to speak.

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Would that be Joni Mitchell? I briefly thought of going back there to see the concert and visit old friends, then other things took over.

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Yes, it’s a 3 day event. Brandi Carlile is organizing it. She headlines Friday, Joni Jam is Saturday and The Highwomen are Sunday. The Joni tickets are predictably difficult to get. I saw an in-group post for a single GA lawn ticket at $275. Seats relatively close in if you can find one, $1k and up.

I can’t go to that event now as I’ve taken dog bookings, but even when it was announced I felt it’s a lot of money and the logistics aren’t good. I also have friends in the Sea-Tac area but none of them were interested in the 3 day commitment. But it may be a true once in a lifetime experience.


When I looked a couple months ago I saw how expensive tickets were and it was confusing as to how to even buy them. There were a couple sites with tickets hard to tell what was legit.
Still need to get back to the place I lived for 40 years to visit.

Ticketmaster sold out instantly. They briefly made more lawn seats available a few weeks ago and those sold out. If you went home at that time and were in a position to head out to the Gorge last minute you’d probably have a chance to get a ticket. There are always people who can’t go, sometimes literally same day, like they are in their tent sick at the campground. If I had the time off I’d probably be going out there and hoping for the best.