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Seeking input / feedback on my listing (too wordy? too many rules?)

Hello! My conversion ratio (ability to turn inquiries into bookings) is very low, enough to be a concern. My fear is perhaps inquirers are turned off by the overly descriptive text, which I know I am guilty for as that is my style of writing. Thoughts??


Very Simple - it isn’t an entire home. You have someone on site. I think you need to call it a guest suite. I would be annoyed if I searched with an entire place preference and I find Walter in the listing.

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I respectfully differ - -It is an entire home on the inside, so I think the wording needs to reflect such; (maybe private space / attached or something like that) there are no shared spaces on the interior; just exterior only are there shared spaces.

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Just giving you my opinion as to why the low bookings… No real privacy when someone is living underneath you!

Your home and the photographs are just beautiful! Your prices are very low! Is your market quite saturated? Is Cascade a neighborhood? Why are you using caps?

My listing has a lot of verbage, it is just written in a different type of format, and does not seem to encourage inquiries, ( which seem to go nowhere here too) , but requests. It could be something about the descriptive style you are utilising.

I think having a caretaker is a plus! As long as they are always discrete, it could be perceived as nice, as a guest, to know someone is not far off that knows how everything works in case of a problem.

Somehow the more I read it seems there are more positive ways to write -up this gorgeous place. Also I wouldn’t require 6 people to come in 2 cars, is there enough space for 4 cars?
Just my 2c I wish you many happy bookings!

Hi gypsy, thanks for the quick response, yes the Atlanta market is very saturated - - some of my fellow hosts here list their properties at ridiculously low prices . .Oh well
Will definitely look at where that mentions 2 cars, must have forgotten I had that there - -
which is why it’s good for me to give these listings a once over every so often.

To me, a guest suite would be a smallish unit attached to the host’s home. I get what you’re saying, but there are tons of listings for entire homes where the hosts live onsite, sometimes quite close, in another dwelling. So the guests would also see the hosts around the property. It doesn’t seem particularly different that there is a basement suite where the caretaker lives that has a completely separate entrance.

If the guests can hear the caretaker moving around in his living space, can hear his TV, or that kind of thing, then I’d agree that perhaps it should be listed differently.

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Potential guests don’t read so although the blurb is too much like advertising copy, not many people will read it anyway.

But it is a confusing listing. (And the word ‘listing’ should be in the listing.) It belongs to a property investor and the host is a property manager. There are many people using Airbnb who want something a bit warmer and fuzzier.

As @gyspsy says, the price is very low which makes people think ‘what’s wrong with it?’ @Debthecat has a valid point regarding the entire home, especially when it says in the rules “so it is out of consideration for the other occupants of the home”.

Too confusing.

I personally wouldn’t stay at a place where I was given such stringent rules.


The language is a bit cold. There are details that are not needed and they are a bit off putting… the part about the landscaping, the parking details, the make of your own vehicles, the the it sounds overly precise and perhaps not very comfortable.

Also, the term ‘duplex’ does not have a great connotation where I live, and your listing says the word three times.

Hi I’m so sorry to reply to this, but could you guide me on how I can begin my own thread? I have a separate question I would like the community to respond to. Thank you.

As a new member you need to contribute a few times and then you can start your own thread.
A good idea is to search the current threads as there is rarely a topic that hasn’t been covered previously or a variation on it.

Beautiful listing. Confusing long description. This seems more like a home with an occupied separate basement apartment than a duplex. I think of duplex as side by side

Your maximum occupancy is 7. The max occupancy of 6 vs 7 is confusing. Add the day bed as a common space sleeping arrangement

Too many words for example No pets allowed. The long paragraph about caretaker allergies is not needed.

Laundry chute — just lock it. If needed by a 7 night guest, go unlock it when needed.

About moving the TVs—is that section needed?

Food for thought. Consider red penning about half of your text. If it isn’t adding value or clarity, let it go.

Your reviews are good so the stay experience is good which is the most important thing


Is the co owner mentioned the same person as Walter ? (Don’t think so but wasn’t sure. )

Suggest to print out the listing in word if you can and read over armed with a highlighter to delete the repetitions of which there are several. If a friend or someone else could read over it, it is probably even better with fresh eyes.
Sometimes writing in the passive could be good, e.g. “the maximum number of car spaces is …” Instead of it being a direct instruction to the guest “please limit your vehicle count to 4”
I don’t know what a Jack and Jill bed formation is. Perhaps I’ve been living a sheltered life ! :slight_smile:

All the best from Sydney, Australia.

How are you able to guarantee that it is a “virus-free environment?”

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I don’t think the listing is overly descriptive, but I find it more effective to write a listing in a way that enables prospective guests to picture themselves in the space.

For example, instead of “The spacious fenced backyard features a patio lounge area / grill,” try “Relax and dine in the spacious fenced backyard, featuring a patio lounge area and grill.”

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