Seeking advice on WiFi issues that my guests have

Hi! I was wondering if other hosts have had a similar problem…we have a detached studio for our guests and although we have updated all of our WiFi hardware and installed a signal repeater we still have the occasional guest that complains about not being able to connect to our internet. This is frustrating because this has only happened 3x out of 30+ guests and only 2x since all of our updates, our own computers work fine out there (not only speed but streaming as well) so we can’t figure out the issue. We just had someone leave and cancel their remaining stay because of this. I’m not sure what to do, but I hate that I can’t guarantee an amenity. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this?
Thank you!

I’ve had bad experiences with repeaters myself. The better solution would be to implement a wifi mesh network. Though I don’t know if there are residential application for these yet.

The other thing you can look at, if the suite runs on the same electrical panel as where the router is, is to buy a power line adapter

Hope that helps!


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