Seeking 3 month rental in Algarve Portugal w/ WIFI


My name is Kai, I am seeking a 3 month rental in the Algarve in Portugal.

I am a healer and transformational life coach. I do not drink, I do not smoke.

I run my own online business. So I am an excellent tenant - very clean and quiet.

I am looking for a nice place at a discounted rate in exchange for staying 3 months (90 days)

Looking to rent from May 12th 2017. (Dates are slightly flexible if need be)

My requirements are:

It must be within 2km of the beach (closer the better) AND on top of those amazing cliffs, so I can walk down the steps each day

The beach nearby must have decent waves for surfing (I dont surf actually, I just love the waves)

It must have high speed internet with faultless ability for video chat - this is how I run my business

These are the only real must haves.

Added bonus if the place has a gym and I definitely prefer modern furnishings

Can you please contact me if you have something that matches this?

vibrantkai at g mail dot come

Thank you!

Have you tried ?

Just a suggestion


Yes I’m looking there too.

(hmmm)…wanting a discounted rate right off the bat without even knowing what the rent is. Can you feel the love…


No, clearly not from you :wink:

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It’s peak season, you may not get a discount. Try homestay, booking or airbnb

Discount or not, it would be good to find a place that is available for all 3 months.

I have been looking for places for days on all these sites… but will keep going :slight_smile:

What’s your budget? How many bedrooms are you looking for?

You are looking to visit during high season when the vast majority will prefer weekly/fortnightly lets as this will bring in more income.

You say you’ve been looking for days - was there not anything that fitted your criteria on Airbnb?

Thanks for asking…

1 bedroom

And in between £500 - £1,000.

between £500 - £1,000 a month

So a one bedroom for between $5 and $11 a day during high season? Is that possible in Portugal? I am going to do some research and perhaps put this place on the places to visit!

You may have to jump around to get that kinda rate. As everyone has mentioned summer is the busiest season for Spain and Portugal

I think your math is wrong, friend.

1000 divided by 30 is 33.3

Thanks for the heads up - didnt really think of the season. My visa for the UK ends in May, and its simply the next place I want to go… awesome its summer time though!

Sorry, I thought you indicated 3 months, which is 90 nights, right?

ah, per MONTH. Sorry. My math and reading comprehension was way off! Apologies.

We are in Barcelona and you may be able to get a place on the outskirts for that price, but not anywhere near the beach. You may need to consider a private room versus whole house.

As others have said there is no way I would take a monthly rental in the summer months.

Here is the cheapest place that is available. Low price since she is new and trying to get reviews:

Thanks for all the info guys - good to know what the situation is like.

If I need to pay more than I can do that too.

Thanks smtucker.

I can afford more - just didnt realize the prices and that it was summer time to be honest haha

If I were you, I would be playing with that price slider in the “more options” area to find that perfect beach proximity/price balance.