Security Issue from guests review

One of my hosts left a review saying “front door won’t lock, red flag for security” Guests are given a code for the backdoor only and have never used the front door (neither do I). I am not sure why she was even using the front door, but it does indeed lock. I can only assume she used it and couldn’t get it locked again because the lock is a bit finicky. Anyway, I was not going to say anything because at the time did not seem like a big deal. Yesterday I noticed a suspicious car outside my place only to return about 30 minutes later (10pm). Someone came to my door and knocked, I answered and they replied “oh sorry must be the wrong house”. THAT was a red flag for me – so I call Airbnb and explained the situation and asked that they remove the review. They would not (of course) explaining the guest was simply reviewing what she experienced. I said I do not feel comfortable with random strangers coming to my home at night attempting to open my front door even if it is locked. Airbnb told me to call local authorities and that it was not related to the review and will not take it down. Even if it wasn’t related I just do not feel comfortable with that review. Should I be concerned or just leave it?

Many people find that tweeting at Airbnb is more effective in these kinds of situations. And maybe it’s coincidence. How would someone get your address from their review?

Thanks maybe I will try that…My house is pretty easy to identify - it is in a smaller neighborhood and when you search airbnb mine is the only one on the street.

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Can you just post a public response to her review saying that it does lock but that she wasn’t provided instructions because it’s not for guest use?


I am sick of hearing post modernist BS like this. Even if a guest review is totally factually inaccurate, irrelevant, puts a host in danger, is immoral or otherwise worthy of removal we are expected to eat a bowl of ‘that’s what they experienced’.
Why not put a statement below the inappropriate guest comment to say the door is permanently locked and was not offered for guest use.


We are seeing a lot of that everywhere aren’t we?

Fix that lock so it is not finicky and bolt it so no human can break it if that is remotely possible.
Keep cameras on the door with an alarm and a fast dial to the police.
If it happens continually, maybe the police can get the comments removed.
Good luck

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How do you know that person and the airbnb review are related?