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Security Deposit?

Does your listing include a security deposit? How do you determine the amount? Do you find that your security deposit deters people from booking?

I have a security deposit of $150 and am glad because I recently had a guest damage my property and was awarded money by Airbnb after they intervened.

However, recently I have had inquiries asking about my security deposit: how it works and how long the money is held. When I answer with information found readily on Airbnb I often do not get another response or a booking.

Guests who ask those questions are newcomers and may not make great guests. A security deposit is standard. You have to have one. Experienced guests expect to pay it. Refer the guest to AirBnB FAQ for those answers. You should not be expected to hold their hand through the booking process. As I understand it, the security deposit is a shadow charge…it is not charged until a claim is made. I set mine at $150 but a guest who caused damage in excess of her deposit recently forced me to raise it it $180.

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Any updates or opinions on security deposits? I don’t have one, should I?

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I recently raised mine from $95 to $150 because I bought a $150 duvet/sham set LOL. I’ve never needed to make a claim but from what I understand you have to have a deposit or you can’t get Airbnb to help you mediate a payment, i.e., if someone ruins your bed sheets you can ask them to pay but you can’t make a claim via ABB.

Mines at $500. Never has a question about it so far.

Ours is $100 and it’s never been mentioned by any guests.

My private room/private bathroom is $95 and my whole house listing is $200

I’m not sure if that is true. My guest last year caused damage in excess of her deposit and they reimbursed me in full. Not sure if they took her deposit or not, or did they just pay the whole thing and let her off the hook?

Then what is the advantage of the deposit?

I think it just makes the person less likely to damage anything because they could lose the deposit. Just an extra layer of safety.

I have mine set at £75. I tried putting it at £50 but it said it was too low.


Hi Tessa1,

I have a deposit of 300 euros and it never hurt anybody. As konacoconutz says only newcomers ask questions about that, and many times it is young people. Even if I have set a deposit I never used it for the moment.

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It shows Air that you take responsibility for your own damage deposit? I don’t know. That’s why I was asking… Do they take her money and then pay the difference from their insurance policies?

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Mine is $100 - I’ve been told I should double it, but I really haven’t had a problem. It sends a message, though, which says I VALUE MY PLACE and you better, too, or it will cost you. Not a bad message to send.

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