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Security deposit questions

I have a few questions about security deposits that I posted on the AirBnb “New Hosts” forum and haven’t been able to get an answer to. I’ve combed the website and tried to find info in the other forums with no luck. Thanks in advance for any insights.

  1. How difficult is it to succesfully claim part of the security deposit, even if you have documentation? It seems that the guest has to agree that the charge is valid. I can’t imagine that a guest who would damage something and not be up front about it in the first place would then “agree” to having their security deposit withheld.

  2. In the case the quest doesn’t agree, what happens then?

  3. In the case of sets of items - glasses, dishes, sheets - it would seem that you could claim that the whole set needs to be replaced. I can see guests arguing this and am wondering what Airbnb’s position usually is?

  4. Does submitting a claim against a guest’s security deposit impact either you or the guest in other ways e.g. will having made previous claims impact future claims?

  5. What is the best way for me to add extra deposit levels in certain situations e.g. pets?

From reading stories of others, it seems to be fairly easy the first few times and then there is encouragement to find ways to host without making frequent deposit claims. For example, you may be encouraged to have a cleaning fee instead of post-billing for cleaning in some cases via the deposit.

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There are a ton of threads here dealing with these basic questions. We’ve answered them dozens of times. Sorry, but I’m not feeling too eager to answer again, but maybe my fellow forum users will. Try searching the forum?

Hi @Betsy

You really can’t claim for broken glasses, dishes or stained linens. These are just part and parcel of doing business and are classed as wear and tear.

For anything over that, your own insurance should cover it.

Betsy , how can you find the new host forum ?

felixcat, thanks for the observation. From what I see as the options in the resolution center, you can only claim for items that need to be repaired or replaced - not cleaning.

konacoconutz, Thanks for your candor. I’ve searched the forums, and, as I said, even the “new host” community forum via airbnb.com came back with “let us know what you find out”.

jaquo, thanks for your input. For long term rentals I understand wear and tear, but for a night or two? I’ve read other threads/comments saying differently - I’m just trying to understand airbnb’s stance on this.

foamybalmy, https://community.airbnb.com/t5/Community-Center/ct-p/community-center

As @jaquo said, damaged linens and broken glasses are part of the cost of hosting !

PREVENTING uncomfortable situations is part of being a good host and I think it will avoid a lot of hassle if you buy linens, glassware, dishes that are both cheap and easy to replace. Ikea is your friend :slight_smile: Buy a few replacements ahead and store them elsewhere.

Unless you market your place as luxe, guests won’t look for a fancy brand on the bottom of their plates.

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