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Hi, I am new to posting messages on forums, so may not be doing it correctly.
I have been a host of letting my own home which is an apt in central london for 3 years.
I have recently had a very nasty couple of guests who trashed my flat and helped themselves to all kinds of my things.
I was away in Morocco at the time with very limited access to the internet, but I have a lovely local co-host who told me immediately about the situation. I sent pictures and claimed my security deposit back straightaway and later also attached an invoice for the extra cleaning and laundry bill involved.
Between my co host and I we have telephoned AirBnb 8 times. I have sent loads of emails and messages, none of which have been confirmed. It is 3 weeks tomorrow and I have complied with all the rules and cannot speak to anyone who can help. I feel so bad that AirBnB will not take any responsibility here and will not communicate directly. What can I do?

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Very unusual to be able to claim extra cleaning against a Security Deposit, most likely something you will just need to write off.

Claim on your STR insurance. Airbnb is most unlikely to be able to help in this scenario and it’s not really their responsibility to do so.

Wow, I am surprised. The guest left the oven and hob filthier than I have ever seen, helped herself to more linen labelled for future guests, which led to more linen and laundry costs.She used a part of the flat that is clearly marked not part of the rental, and breaks the house rules to use, but couldn’t be locked because it is the fire exit. In that room ( my studio and workroom) I locked away my laptop, but left my brand new desktop on my desk, sheeted and unplugged from the back. She took off the sheet, plugged it in and used that. She took an antique mirror off the wall and left it on the floor, dragged a heavy heater from the workroom across pine sanded floors. She left a frying pan of food on the period dining table. She left burn marks on my wooden kitchen counter, which I specifically asked in the house rules not to do, and damaged my newly renovated veneer on my art deco sofa. She helped to my personal hair conditioner and bubble bath hidden away at the back of a cupboard. I can send photos to you, but the normal cleaning and laundry bill increased to three times normal and I think the security deposit should cover these things. Obviously I was away, my co-host did her best as it was she who organised the cleaning, and also does the laundry off site. AirBnB told me that she wasn’t allowed to deal with it, so I had to deal with it from Morocco with limited internet I was not due to return for 11 more days and there were more guests booked in. She ( even though I dealt with the claim) was offered £50 by AirBnB but we decided to refuse as it didn’t cover the extra bill. Why did they offer it to her? Neither of us can make head nor tail of how little communication we have been allowed to have with a big company making a profit out of our services and we think they should take some responsibility.

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A lot of people would agree with you, but it is what it is. personally I would not use AirbNB if I needed a Security Deposit but that of course is your call.

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This is horrible, hedy, what a terrible violation of your trust. Really sorry.

My only suggestion is to put your complaints on Facebook and Twitter - they hate negative publicity!

No, you use twitter to escalate, not to shame.

Why doesn’t Airbnb help when damage has been caused? The OP mentions damage to a veneer and burn marks. What would the security deposit be for if not damage?

It does - in some circumstances. Although I believe that STR insurance is more reliable.

They have taken responsibility, at least in theory, for these kinds of damages.