Security Cameras

For those of you with security cameras, how often do you check them during a guests stay? I haven’t had any problems so far, but yesterday I caught my current guest checking my mailbox! I rent out the whole house, but do not allow guests mail to be sent there. This discovery has me nervous and I want to keep checking my cameras for what else they might do!

It could be just force of habit. Does it have a little door on it? Something unique that would attract attention? It’s like a “wet paint” sign to some. Just have to.

It’s a normal mailbox, attached to my house.

they are just being nosy…I would not have a concern about this


I have established a certain routine when it comes to checking my cameras. Using a combination of Nest and IFTTT I get a text when my thermostat goes out of Away mode and into Home mode and that lets me know my guests have arrived. I check the cameras to make sure the number of people going in and out match the guest list. From then on in, I tend to check the camera about three times - morning, afternoon and evening. It records motion events, so I can get an idea of what generally is happening. (Usually nothing, occasionally something.)

Frankly, they are welcome to snoop all they want. Just don’t steal or damage anything and I am good.


@CatskillsGrrl would you mind sharing how you do this? I have a nest thermostat, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to prevent it from going into away mode when I leave (it’s tethered to my phone I guess). I’m not tech savvy, but I was able to implement your email solution, so there’s hope…
Apologies for hijacking this thread. Feel free to PM me if that is more appropriate. TIA!

Trudy, I am just on my out the door, but I will PM you with my contact info and I can talk you through it on the phone, if you like. That might be easier.

Great, thanks so much!

I have Arlo Pro for about 5 weeks. Unfortunately it is way too sensitive even when turned to the lowest setting, so it seems to constantly record and run down the battery.

I end up having to turn off the recording and just checking live from time to time. Always at 10pm no-noise curfew and a few more times in the evening. I’m mostly listening for noise.

Of course, it’s on record when they are expected to arrive so I can count the number of people that show up.

Well that’s discouraging news. I just bought a 4 pack of Arlo’s. I haven’t installed them yet because it’s in the single digits here and I’m not too keen on freezing my bum off. I’ll wait until it’s a bit warmer. And I have a few extra batteries on hand. :unamused:

Maybe they are big into shopping or coupons and think flyers and coupons may be in the mail?

I check my cameras to see if guests arrive - and check them at the time of departure so I can tell if they have left and I can go check the house.