Seasons Greetings

Above all else, I wish all of you a peaceful time over the holidays, where ever you are and whoever you may be with.

My last (paying…) guests left on Tuesday. What a cracking end before the holidays; two lads from Berlin, who were an absolute scream. Not that I really know who the real ones are but they almost instantaneously became know as the Chuckle Bros. This has me reflecting on our first six months hosting, and all the lovely people we have met, some of whom I would love to have around the dinner table together for an evening. The foul ones have disappeared, except to laugh at or about!

The non paying guests arrive tomorrow and will also be fun, despite everyone I know having heads full of snot!

On that graceful note, we are retiring to the pub for what will undoubtedly be a debauched evening on gin. And snot…



Happy holidays to everyone here hope you had an amazing year and hope more amazing ones will come upon you.


Joan, I need to schedule a pub night with you next time I’m in England! :laughing::laughing::beers::clinking_glasses::wine_glass::champagne::grimacing:

Merry Christmas to some, and Merry Christmas Eve to some!!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone.


Merry Christmas to all, its time to assemble my granddaughters Dracula castle, no idea how my daughters going to fit the 5’ x 4’ monstrosity in the car going home.


Merry Christmas! May 2018 be blessed!

Enjoying family time…next guest not scheduled until Jan 7, Much as I love hosting, the break has been nice!

That’s hilarious! You would think little girls would want a dollhouse!

Well if it’s that big, maybe someone could rent it out on Air?!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


We are enjoying the guest free holidays so much (due to guest cancellation) we may block them off every year. Do we really need the money that bad?? :laughing:

I paddled my canoe this morning in absolutely beautiful water, paddling toward the golden light stream cast by the rising sun… yet still enjoyed chilly winds blowing off the snow capped volcano at the same time. Water temp is warmer than the air. Lovely!!!

Now we are relaxing having a second cup of coffee and watching for whales off our lanai. I’ve heard them but haven’t seen any yet.

Beautiful beautiful Hawaii at Christmas is truly a blessing!


Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas from Australia!!!
Quiet Time, Busy Time, whatever it is… have a Great Time :slight_smile:slight_smile:)
Having 2 guests arriving this afternoon, “warned” them already that I have an international festivity here, 22 previous students from Italy and France, so a bit noisy… they are happy to join in :slight_smile: like every year!
Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas from the Catskill Mountains of New York! (Although, I am back in the City.)

Peace on earth and goodwill to men.


Happy Christmas everyone! I just wrapped the last present and now having a small nightcap before bed. It’s so nice to be guest-free until the 31st!! Although it will quite a job to prepare the room again - I seem to have filled it up with all kinds of crap in just a few days…


The view from Hawaii and
My lanai this morning…


So lovely. If I posted a photo of the view from my place it would be grey, raining and a slight mist. Not even any snow :frowning: In fact, it’s unseasonably mild at 11 (52F) degrees. People will be out in t-shirts and shorts.

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@cabinhost - So comfy and inviting (but did you decorate your tree with cotton balls or was your hand shaking)? … :grin:

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Who HECK would steal a Santa hat??? That’s bad.

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Happy Holidays all!


Oooo, magical! … (sigh)

I’m still (patiently) waiting by the tree to open presents…but the other half is down with a head cold and still sawing wood.


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Both my boys stayed up late last night …so I’m up early on this quiet morning. I still have presents to wrap!

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OMG…you’d better get crackin’! The scotch tape won’t even have time to seal before they’ll be up and opening their gifts. The wrapping paper won’t even have time to crease at the corners. … :scream:

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