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Hi Guys.
I listed my house about three weeks ago, and I started having bookings almost straight away. I had four bookings in about a week, then nothing.
I thought it could be my title, as I just used the house number and street name. I then added Afan Forest Park into the description.
This being the main area and the client group being mountain bike riders.
However, when I was searching on Afan Forest Park my house was not coming up, and some of the search results were nowhere near the Park.

So, I’m a bit lost, has anyone got any ideas of what’s going on.
Or is there a section that I needed to have listed, that prefixes the location.
My full address is listed.
At this rate my good fortune is coming to an abrupt end.

Thanks Andrew

It’s difficult to advise without seeing your listing. New hosts do get an artificial boost, so maybe this has ended.

What page are you in listings for your area?

What’s your competition like?

Apart from mountain bikers who is your target market?

And you have the new host bump to the first page of listings.
It disappears after a couple of weeks and then you are with the rest of us battling to get back up there.
Have you looked for your listing in private mode?

Not to mention in my area most guests book 1-2 weeks out. Once those dates are booked it might seem things have slowed down. In the beginning all of your dates are available and you have the boost.

Wait…your full address is listed? :thinking:

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This needs to be removed for security reasons.

If you post your listing here, there are loads of brilliant people who will help with your '‘attractiveness’ in searches.

Definitely remove your address. It is for your protection that your address and phone # aren’t given prior to booking.

Hi Rowlie

First off (as someone else mentioned) take care with what you put on your listing - adding your full address is a bit too much info - keeping yourself and your property safe and sound id your top priority. A few ideas:

  • Have you checked out your competition? Check out their rates and what they are offering. How does your pricing measure up?

  • You mention you have had four bookings - has anyone stayed yet? Just wondering if you have any positive feedback showing as of yet.

  • Review your listing - ask friends and mountain bike enthusiasts to review your listing (and get their honest opinion). Revise as necessary - catchy titles, great photo’s and maybe a video of your property and some of the great biking nearby?

  • Make the most of your niche - mountain biking. Can you add value by offering something in the way of an experience related to this? (Forgive me I am not a big mountain biker - but are there group rides and trails your guests could join at a special rate by booking your property)?

  • Who else would like your property? A forest park would be great for those interested in nature and hiking too?

  • Promote your property. Are there other platforms to advertise on? How about social media etc?

Best of luck with your property, I hope you get more interest over the coming weeks.

Hi Guys
Thanks for all the feedback it, has been really helpful.
I have edited the listing and removed my address reference.
Going with Afan Forest and the name of the house.
The first guest has given a really good review and the guests that are about to leave are also very happy with their stay,
So hopefully this move me up the listings for my area.
Thanks again Andrew