Searches are defaulting to only show instant book properties

I don’t know if this is only for certain users, or if this is on the entire site. But when I search in several cities - not even entering dates, only instant book properties are shown.

In order to see all properties the traveler would have to notice the message that says “Showing only places you can book immediately” - the traveler can turn it off, but I wonder how many will even notice?

I tried this in Bombay, and by default only IB listings are shown. Though in fairness it’s fairly clear from the layout that it’s being restricted to IB listings. Still, they shouldn’t really do that, imo.

Someone posted about this in another group, and I tried it, and got the same thing happening. Searches default to show only Instant Book listings. Which means that if guests do a search, if they dont’ realize that the instant book only filter is on, they will never see any non-IB listings show up. Thus Airbnb is doing all it can apparently to discourage anyone from booking at a non-IB listing.


There are three types of IB. Do you show up in the IB searches even if your IB criteria is strict (i.e. govt issued ID and host referral)?

I just tried from my mobile, when I am logged in, only IB listings are shown. I had to tap on ‘filters’ to see that “instant booking” was set as a filter.

In incognito mode, all types of listings are displayed.


it is clearly that ABB is encouraging hosts to use IB and also warns that the properties with no IB will have less views than properties with IB. In my eyes ABB is looking up to maximize booking odds.

I’ve tried to open Airbnb search pages in incognito in multiple times and in multiple cities, but I’ve never been able to reproduce the behaviour.

[quote=“cabinhost, post:1, topic:9676”]
In order to see all properties the traveler would have to notice the message that says “Showing only places you can book immediately” - the traveler can turn it off, but I wonder how many will even notice?
[/quote] @cabinhost do you have any screenshots by any chance? Or do you refer to this:

@everyone: if you experience the “default IB on” behaviour, it is in the test group where the IB filters are clearly visible, or in the one where the option is behind the “filters” toggle? (explanation of the test here:

In regards to the Anti-discrimination policy and how it relates to IB, I’m probably one of the few that think that the Open-door policy serves as the perfect legal argument to push hosts towards IB.

In order to convert listings into cheap hotel rooms there are 3 goals that the company is chasing:

  1. Instant Booking
  2. Relaxed Cancellation policies
  3. Suggested (very low) prices

The third one is the most controversial of all but it is a fact that the suggested prices took a lot more visual space than before to prompt new hosts to use them. I’m expecting more attempts in the future to encourage host into adopting their suggested prices, probably by giving them more exposure.


This doesn’t happen with me, whether I’m logged in or incognito. I was searching in a smaller town in the UK and the listings were a mix of IB, not IB, Superhost, not SH, in no particular order. Maybe it’s in bigger cities with more listings?

Out of curiosity I did a search in two small towns in Loire valley (62 and 64 listings respectively) and one search had the IB filter by default but not the other search. Very strange !

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Today it isn’t defaulting to “instant book” - at least in my area. But yesterday it wasn’t that toggle like I have seen before. The toggle is much more noticeable. Yesterday it was a rectangular box that said “instant book” (or something similar) - I believe it was light gray color with an X in the upper right hand corner, that you could click on. To the right of that box was a white rectangular box that said “showing only places you can book immediately.”

Maybe someone who sees these today can post a screen shot?

Even though non-instant book properties are showing today…mine still does not show when it should. Only sometimes.

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Here it is :

Interesting - they must have more than 2 versions floating around. Thanks for posting the screen shot.

I think the view I had yesterday was the least noticeable one…because there was no colored toggle button.

Could we get a screenshot of your version?

Oh, wonderful. Thanks for this alert. I was just looking at the stats for my views and I really do not think they are what they should be. I live across the street from Stanford University, and the first three years I was going this, I could’ve been busy every night if I wanted to. I took off a year, then restarted in September. Right away I got bookings, but then not much, so that’s when I started trying to see my listing and couldn’t find it. You may have given me the reason. I really do not want to do IB.

Just tried searching, and after entering town and dates, I see this screen. I"m guessing guests would be tempted to take the IB route even if they just want to look around and maybe send an inquiry to the host.

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I have received 5 bookings in the last week or so (totally about 2 months of stays) and never do instant book so I suspect many people might switch that off or notice? Maybe only if they can’t find anything?

No. Mine went back to normal. But I am sure that version will appear again soon.

Yes I checked this out with our listing which will NEVER be IB. So when I went on line to Airbnb and listed a destination as Traverse City, Michigan on the first screen was a notice that the internet visitor could check a box to only see IB properties. This is definitely a change from two weeks ago. So AIRBNB had now changed how people may see our offering. So after not checking the IB button I was happy to see that my listing (the ones with property pictures) was in the top 20 of over 100. Map view is a bit mixed up here because Traverse City is actually a very small geographic area and on the first map shown you can see Old Mission Peninsula (6 miles north of Traverse City) and our site does not show. You have to recenter the map and magnify in to our area to see our listing on map view. I am not happy but must admit we have never had a problem renting out a portion of our home on weekends when we so desire. We are a tourist spot in the summer for wine, biking, beer, food, clear Lake Michigan, boating, and other activities. The hotels are mostly filled in the summer and fall color season.

Bottom line though I think AIRBNB is looking to maximize profits via IB. That one screen shown first should explain further that by checking “IB only” that potential guest may be missing some of the best properties offered ever. People really like to visit us so far. I do not mind AIRBNB trying to maximize income but they are missing profits by trying this “IB” preference. They should promote both IB and approved by host equally.

My opinion,

After two very frustrating experiences talking with airbnb customer service, I could hardly be more disappointed with their responses. The IB filter is being automatically applied when a prospective guest searches here at Asheville, NC within 48-72 hours before the reservation date. I choose not to do IB and this policy by airbnb, in effect, is having a very negative impact on my bookings and hence income because my listings do not display during the critical period when most guests are making their reservations. What is happening is straightforward and clear yet, especially in my last call, the representative kept denying, again and again, that airbnb is applying the filter. She also would not allow me to speak with someone else, would not pass along my request that someone in management call me and stated they were helpless to get follow up from someone who would address the problem which, again, she kept denying even existed. Then also, the first time I called in about this, I got an email from airbnb asking if the problem had been resolved, I answered no and asked for a response. Then later another message from them stating the case was closed! airbnb gives a lot of lips service to appreciating veteran hosts and hosts in the super host category like me, but then this his how they actually respond to a very legitimate concern. They won’t even acknowledge the actual facts, dispute our actual experience and close cases without resolution we take the time to bring to their attention. airbnb management definitely has a problem and will end up losing their best hosts if not corrected.

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