Search Results Screwed Up Beyond the Telling

I get really, really tired of constanly logging out of Airbnb, opening a different browser and searching for my listings. The reason I do it is because there is almost always something that’s not working correnctly. Right now, despite both my rooms being on Instant Book, they only show up when the IB filter is off. If you turn it on, both my rooms are nowhere to be seen. I’m not talking about them being low in the results. They are not there period.

Also, for anyone who, like me, thought that a new LISTING got a search boost, that appears to not be the case. Only new HOSTS get a bump.

@Chloe - you need to log in in order for you listing to show up on IB.

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IB is probably only available to registered users if you set your preferences that way [I sure did.], so if you are logged out with no account, you simply won’t show. The listings that do show allow anyone to Instant Book, something I am not comfortable with. In my case, I have said only those with a Government ID verification are allowed to instant book.


Thank you @Helsi and @smtucker. I didn’t know that.

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