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So far, the conference and class takers stay out very late socializing with their colleagues. Haven’t had anyone here for regular ole’ work yet.

These comments are so very helpful.

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My only visit to Boston was for a 3 day work event. And yes, we did stay out going to dinner and socializing. It’s always nice when it’s on the company’s dime too! :smile:

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Interesting to see the differences in just a small distance… I’m about 30 miles north of you, I rent out two rooms (separately) and everybody uses the televisions in their rooms! Nobody is sight-seeing in this area, always business travelers, people passing through for the night, or younger people here on internships or doing short-term contract work from all over. Last weekend I had two ladies here from the Cape that were attending a conference, I think my living room TV saw its first Olympics action since I bought it 10 years ago! :slight_smile:

The difference between our locations is significant, isn’t it? I am 1.2 miles from Copley Square. I am even closer to MIT and Harvard. Heck add Lesley University, and all the other small colleges, and we are serving a very different population.

I had a guest here in the winter who was running a two-month flight program at an airfield nearby… he was grounded constantly because of snow, and I was home a lot on snow days (I’m a teacher)… we hung out and watched a lot of Netflix together, lol…

I’m about to remove mine - has been off my listing description for six months and hasn’t affected bookings. My reason is the lack of space, I can actually relocate the furniture when it doesn’t need to be facing the tv.

But my clientele are almost all in their 20s and 30s. I’d imagine the older guests are far less connected.

Follow up: Bookings are slowing down My phone isn’t doing the AirBNB ding anywhere near as often, so I decided that I would add that TV with cable. Rewrote my listing, updated some photos, and now TV is an amenity. I haven’t actually purchased the TV yet. I have chosen one, and will buy it towards the end of the week. But, my phone is still not doing the ding! No one who has booked thinks there will be a TV. I am questioning this decision if that isn’t what my listing is missing.


As others have said, it depends on the location. We are touristy - beachy. Before guests arrive, I set the TV to an obscure music channel. About 80% of the time, it’s still set to that channel when guests leave which indicates to me that they haven’t watched the TV.

But people don’t generally come to our area to watch TV! I suspect that if we removed it, there would be very few - if any - complaints.

It seemed slow here. I have TV and I have Direct TV and NFL Sunday ticket. I’ve wondered if moving that up in the listing or to the title would help get bookings now that it’s football Sundays. On Saturday at 6 pm I had zero bookings for the 25 to the 2nd (this week). Saturday evening between 8 and 11 pm I had 3 inquiries. By noon Sunday I had Sun, Mon, Wed, and Friday booked and my current guest may stay Tues night as well.

It is as though Boston has fallen off the Earth. My listing is on the first page if you search for 3 people, page 2 if you search for 2. Maybe the reservation patterns really change in the Winter? I don’t have an opening until the end of October, but much of November and December are wide open. Of course, the people who reserved way in advance this summer were folks coming from China, Europe and South America. Once they have their plane tickets, they want to know where they are going to stay.

Patience, grasshopper. [repeat as needed]

I’ve never been so booked in advance so I can’t give much guidance. As I was searching for Airbnb’s recently I found that from Columbus OH to WVa to Charleston SC to the Smoky Mtns that the most desirable places were pretty well booked in Oct but open in Nov. Oct is prime travel time. When do the colleges have homecoming events? What about college visits and grad school interviews? Last year I got several bookings for med students interviewing here in late Oct/early Nov.

I am definitely down compared to this time last year. However, I just bought another flipper house (now to be referred to as the Hell House) so I don’t really care. But, if you didn’t see it on another post, I was way down in the list the search re for my area (non-existent when searching for two guests unless zoomed way in), which I think happened because I turned down four potential guests in a short period of time, so I posted on my Facebook page to have my FB friends click on my Air link. Voila – I am back in the search results. I have also been deleting and then re-adding the same photograph, deleting and reposting the same verbiage. This all seems to make a difference in the algorithms. And, yes, I did get a new booking for two people!

Not sure I even want my “network” to know that I am hosting on AirBNB. I have uploaded new pictures, rewritten the description. My placement is good. Bookings are scant.

I have no idea if this year I have more competition. Likely, considering Air’s push for more and more hosts.

A small follow up to my TV conundrum. I added the TV to my listing, and to date, that has not increased the rate of reservations at all. In fact, I considered returning the TV since it wasn’t increasing my income. Mr. SMT suggested that the amount I paid for the TV was so negligible, that we should keep it and even mount it in the kitchen so I can watch cooking shows while I cook.

Next up was calling the cable company. We explained that we wanted the cheapest cable box that would show all the stations that we pay for. The woman kept saying “will you hold for a moment, i want to check something out”… this happened three times before she stated that we could pick up the box at our local office, and that our new monthly fee would be, and here is the kicker, $80 LESS per month, and they were doubling both our upload and download speeds.

So, I spent $184 on a TV and am saving $80 a month! The payback period just got much shorter. Sometimes even when you do something you don’t want to, it all works out for the best.

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