Screenhouse rental with outside walk to shared bathroom in our house

I saw a listing today with electric and wifi but no running water. It had an outhouse. It was over $200 a night.

They don’t seem to be booked going forward but they did well during since Oct.


Very helpful. Thank you.

They will pee outside. Just so ya know…


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Which apparently happens at many Airbnbs regardless of the bathroom’s location.


Probably happens everywhere, well everywhere where men go. Men are pigs, I know firsthand. I pee freely




I’m truly guessing here but I imagine that the host’s expenses - which include STR insurance with liability because of the pedal boats, kayaks etc. - is huge. Again. estimating, it probably equates to about $20 per day, expensive per year.

So the nightly rate is going to be high? Especially with no hygiene facilities.

Ok. This is about to be TMI—two friends stayed with me in my tiny 1 Br 1ba condo . 1 has relapsing/remitting MS with periodic urinary incontinence issues. We needed a plan B if the bathroom was occupied.

A 5 gallon bucket makes an easily rinsable vessel for an emergency situation in a small space. Also a potty chair can be a modern day chamber pot for a larger space.

Hey it’s all just body functions to me.

Btw. I have friends with an oceanfront 1961 5 bedroom 2 bath home. The outdoor, private shower is a big hit with their male guests. (They keep the home maintained but are waiting for a the right Hurricane so they can rebuild it for modern living)