Screen recording - Check-in example

I’m staying in an Airbnb this coming weekend and I received an email from Airbnb walking me through the check-in procedure. I’ve done a screen recording here

Is this automatically generated by Airbnb from our text and images on our listing or is this something that we need to put together ourselves?

I think it is something you need to put together yourselves. When I am away I rent my whole home out through an agency who manage everything and they automatically send this type of message, but when I am just renting my spare room I have to create my own message each time (keep meaning to prepare something like my agency but haven’t got round to it).

No you need to set this up yourself.

This function has been available through Airbnb for at least two years. @JohnnyAir

If you can’t find how to do this under your listing, then have a look on Airbnb Help (search set up self-check in or similar) it gives you step by step instructions on how to set up this function on your listing.

I get it now. We don’t get that option because we meet our guests ourselves.

It’s only available for the Self Check in option.

Very confused why are you asking about whether or not its something hosts need to put together themselves if you don’t offer self-check in? @JohnnyAir

I didn’t relate this “Start Check-in” to a self check-in. My host is meeting me. She has self check-in as well. As soon as I saw it I was thinking wow how useful is that going to be for us to show guests things that will help them/us with the check-in.

Things such as a photo of the entrance to the sandy track beside the forest that is a shortcut from the bus stop and not shown on Google.

Things such as a photo of the carport reminding guests that 4WDs with roof racks don’t fit under the carport and to park on the left.

Other things I haven’t thought of yet. It’s all in our manual but as we know that isn’t often read thoroughly and not specifically in the context of an arrival.

This is interesting. I’ve never thought to use it because I meet guests whenever it’s possible (except the ones who are arriving at crazy hours) but it would be good to know how you would use it even though you greet guests @JohnnyAir

I meet guests in the parking lot (to make sure that they park in the right location for one thing) so never thought I’d need anything else.

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