Screen mysteries

There are things I still don’t understand on the forum screen. See the picture. Can you answer the questions?

  1. New topic
  2. Unread responses.
  3. You read them and there’s no new responses
  4. Haven’t read it yet
  5. Number of total views

I think. All answers off the top of my head.


Okay, helpful. But still confusing.

  1. You said unread responses. Which denotes unread? The gray number or the blue number? And then what does the other color denote?

  2. Why is the one number red. All the others in that column are gray.

The more red/orange the number, the more “likes” on posts in that topic.


Okay. Good to know. Thanks.

FYI - you can hover over them and see a pop-up that describes each.

But it doesn’t fully explain each. For example color differences. What is a gray dot compared to a blue dot next to each topic? I never gave it much thought since I basically read every post.

As a brand new member these are very good questions. On many forums I am a member of the is a thing called “frequently asked questions” or FAQ. Perhaps these answers could be added to your FAQ!

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Yes we have an FAQ. But this is the first time I recall anyone asking about this. I’d have to look up the answers somewhere and maybe I will someday. The settings are default of the Discourse software so maybe Discourse has something on their website.

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I believe it has to do with whether or not you’ve responded on the post. I notice there are gray dots on posts that I’ve read but haven’t participated in by posting.

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Ah yes, I have just had a look at your FAQ. However it doesn’t have any of the questions/answers I would have expected, it’s more of a set of forum rules.
It appears you are using the default FAQ page available in Discourse, some quick googling shows those default categories can’t really be added to though i.e. [sorry, can’t link]

Maybe you could just create a stickied post for your FAQ, can you do that in Discourse? (I guess I could Google that too … ok, just did, maybe the answer is no, see this: [sorry, can’t link])

In that case maybe you could create a new forum with just the FAQ as a post and maybe lock it from being updated?).

Sorry, I think I’m going off topic, I’ll stop now.

Edit: My first version of this post had links but the post was rejected, so I just replaced them with [sorry, can’t link]

Thanks for your input, @airdnd. As a moderator I don’t have control over the forum settings. @tom2 is the forum owner/admin and he would be charge of making a new FAQ.

All sorts of fun that can had with “mouse hover”


Thanks. Helpful, @Jefferson.