School’s OUT!?!

Hey all,

I’ve recently gotten a few requests for our place and I’m hesitant to accept them.

We’ve got a 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom/2 bath condo. Technically it sleeps 7 (1 queen, 2 full and a twin).

We’ve got house rules setup that we have a minimum age of 25.

I’m getting requests from multiple groups of 6 people 18-22, and a parent totaling 7 people.

My gut says if I accept these, we’re inviting a ton of damage, etc.

Does anyone else have experience with these types of groups?


No experience with that, but the likelihood of 6 18-20 year olds having a parent present is slim, so I’d be wary, too.

Honestly, I wouldn’t list a 2 bedroom place as suitable for 7 people to start with. Just because there’s enough beds doesn’t mean you have to have a guest count to match. Extra beds are good, because not all groups are going to be composed of guests who want to share a bed. A group of 4 single gals or guys would likely use all 4 beds.

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@muddy totally agree.

It’s in a golf community and the original thought was that a foursome of guys would want 4 beds. Women seem to be more inclined to share a bed.

I’ve followed my gut and declined them all, and updated the sleeps quantity to 5 on Airbnb. VRBO still controls the number by the bed type/qty.

I have 2 that age and not completely sure I’d even let them rent it yet… :crazy_face:


Don’t accept the request to book. Chances are that the parent is a third party booking that has no intentions of staying. I think it’s a college party.

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My husband is fond of saying our guests treat our place better than our kids/family does. Our kids are 24 and 26 LOL.


Definitely. You don’t need to allow as many as you can possibly cram into beds (or on a sofa), and also in just a 2 bedroom place seven is an awful lot; sleeping arrangements isn’t the only consideration. Heck I know teen siblings or grown men who won’t even sleep together in a king bed, much less a much smaller full/double bed.

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That’s why we put two queen beds in one of our bedrooms. My husband’s two sons would not sleep in the same queen bed when we were on vacation once.

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