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Scent-free guests stayed for twenty minutes and then left, want to cancel


You can! My cut off is 5:00 PM for same day arrivals. They have until 5 PM to book.

Go to Availability Settings.
Reservation preferences - Edit
Advance notice - Same day
Guests can book same day until - (pick your cutoff hour)
Preparation time - None.


I appreciate the instructions, but unfortunately I don’t believe I have this option with IB. If I want same-day reservations, my options appear to be:

  1. I can accept same-day IB with a cut-off hour
  2. I can turn off same-day IB but still receive same-day requests at 10 pm (no cut-off hour)

The second option is the one I’ve taken.

I posted screenshots of what I’m seeing further up the thread.


Okay… I guest that I am not understanding how you want to set up your availability…?

You do want IB, but not on the same day? Then leave IB on, and set the Advanced notice to 1-day, which would fill that requirement, yes? You DO NOT have to allow IB guests to book the same day without advance notice. This is an option that you can turn off by un-checking the box.

The other option is to set a cutoff time for IB - if you want to allow same day IB, but don’t want them after a certain time, i.e. evening or late night bookings.


Yes, those are my two options. I don’t have an option to allow same-day requests WITH a cut-off time.


There’s some really good points here. It’s impossible to have a scent free home. Even Hilton’s specialty allergy rooms use tea tree oil. So I’m siding on the side of guests with an excuse. And a good reminder for me to change my same day booking times from 10PM to 4PM. thanks!


I logged in shortly before midnight last night to leave my review, but the review window had already closed. What did I get wrong with the timing? The guest and I are both in the same time zone.

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