Say...from the Carribbean

I asked kona to close my account here last Saturday morning. I thought it was done and it turns out only Tom can do so.

I won’t be participating in this board any longer, for two reasons:

One, I will be exceptionally busy with the new boat and also with two projects here in Belize I been asked to do, starting January 4th.

Secondly, the subject of politics should never enter a forum about hosting, because it is a subject that can indeed immediately become personal, because it is personal, and that is where it should remain. It is a subject easy to get dragged into it.

So .take good care all and it was a great 1-year run and we did indeed have good laughs. I be cruising…


You will be missed. I’m very sorry to see you go.

But wow, what a beautiful boat - I hope you have many great voyages on her!!!

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@Mearns, as a general rule we have never had a general rule about no politics. It is moderated with a VERY light hand and I for one find that one of its strengths. The forum has been self-regulated by common sense and decency for the most part. I thought that whole “guests who support Trump” thread was a great example of that ethos and I, for one, thought everyone on every side offered super productive insight. Don’t go. I’ve been pissed off by this forum before (and usually as a result of my own doing) but overall I find the personalities and support here to just be wonderful. I’m glad I came back.

Or just take a break like I did - it is a wonderful palate cleanser. Enjoy your boat in the meantime and swing back around when you’re ready.


Agree. We had a VERY stressful election season, elected a very controversial president and now we stand divided–a totally polarized nation. To not talk about it is akin to ignoring the elephant in the room. Venting is a good thing, plus our discussion never got personally insulting.

Cabin did the right thing by dividing the thread. Those who didn’t want to comment on the politics didn’t have to. The mods here all agree the forum doesn’t need an authoritarian posse of mods. We already enough of that going on! :smiley:


I’m very sorry to hear that you won’t be participating any more @Mearns. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts very much indeed. Always level-headed, helpful, entertaining and forthright which I believe makes for a gold-standard forum member! When I first joined it was very clear that you were one of the core group and indicative of the forum’s quality. I’ve studiously avoided the politics thread and agree that such subjects can be unnecessarily divisive. There’s no need to close your account, though, is there? You can just cruise and maybe come back one day :slight_smile: All the best to you.


A great post and it sums up exactly what I was thinking but a lot more eloquently :slight_smile:

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I’m sad to see you go @Mearns.

Hosting is personal on AirBNB. So it politics. There are threads and posts that I have not liked or enjoyed, but that’s what makes life good - diversity. I mean, I know I’m awesome, but I wouldn’t want the world to be populated by 7 billion Ash953s.

Best wishes.

What MagWitch said.
I haven’t been a member long but I’ve been reading the posts on this forum for a while, and yours have been some of the most entertaining, helpful, interesting…

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@Mearns, oh Fred, I’m so sorry that you have decided to leave; I hope you will return once you realize how much you miss us despite all of our differences. I’ve loved the opportunity to pick your brain and learn from your experience and your wisdom. I will miss you…May your life in 2017 be full of adventures and much happiness. R.


Ditto what @Magwitch said :slight_smile: !

I refrained from clicking on the politics thread because I know this kind of thread only leads to endless arguments :confused:

I will miss you @Mearns !

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Yes - @Magwitch, thank you for expressing it so well - my feelings exactly.

Dare I say it, if people are going to discuss politics on this forum people broaden their horizon’s beyond their own back door and actually occasionally mention some of the major political issues going on in the world rather than being so UScentric. You’d think the US was the world and Donald Trump was the President of the world reading these posts lately.