Save correspondence for future use

Can anyone help… how do I save an email in the dashboard so I can use it again?

Go to your Message List --> Click on a Message from a Guest or Potential Guest --> Select “Use Saved Message” (just below the open text block) --> Go to the bottom of the resulting dialog and select “Save a New Message.”

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perfect!!! thanks!!! i was so close.
are these saved email templates editable?

Yes. But that is no more intuitive than the last instructions were!

Select Saved Message, and then select the message, edit, and then save. If it is a one time edit for a specific person, use the saved message, amend it as needed and then send.

THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to work out how to do this for ages … why do Air make their site so counter-intuitive?!

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@Malagachica are you up and running again??!!