Same place, different type of rental, new listing?

I’ve been Airbnbing two bedrooms out of my house, but this month, I am making the switch to renting out the entire house rather than just a private room. I initially made a 2nd listing on Airbnb–due to logistical reasons (since we wanted the whole house posted early so that we could reach people who were looking to book their trips for Sept./Oct., but we were still renting out the private rooms at the time). So at the time, it made sense to have 2 separate listings.

However, in looking back, I’m wondering if I should just update the private room listing to an entire house listing, since it’s the exact same place. Another reason is that we have almost 70 positive reviews, and the new listing has none (granted, a handful of the old reviews won’t be applicable anymore to the entire house listing, since they talk about how it’s a shared space/conversing with me as a host/etc.–so it might be a little confusing, but we’d probably make note of the change in the listing description).

For the new listing, we’ve already gotten 3 bookings spread out from September to October, so I won’t be able to take that one down. I could alter the private room listing to an entire house listing once the last guests are gone, so we’d just have 2 listings of the same place (with dates blocked so there’s no crossover). A bit of a logistical mess, I know, but not the end of the world, and possibly worth it if it means having those positive reviews would attract more guests.

Assuming I’m not planning on going back to Airbnbing out private rooms in a shared house, I wanted to see if folks had any thoughts on whether it’s preferable to have 2 separate listings or just updating the current listing.

As a note, a similar question was asked last year for a slightly different situation (new place, same listing), but none of the comments provided seemed particularly decisive, so I wanted to check back.


There are pluses & minuses to continuing/expanding your current listing to whole house an to creating a new listing.

How far down in your reviews will the ones about shared space concerns be? If they are fairly close, I would create a new listing or make it very clear in the listing title this is NOW Expanded to whole home rental.

If you create a new listing, your profile will continue to be linked to your prior reviews so your overall host score will include them and guests can see your prior reviews in your profile.

Neither solution is perfect.

Idea: expand your current listing to clearly indicate WHOLE home listing. If you continue to get comments or requests for single room, create a new listing.

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