Salvaging my Airbnb Reputation

One of my listings is in jeopardy as the local village zoning department sent me a cease short term rental letter. I plan on trying to challenge the ordinance but don’t want to lose my reputation as I have other listings. I will pay cancellation fees and deactivate as a last resort ( current not taking new reservations). How will this impact my other listings? I pride myself on being a great host and am upset that it is now in danger because the Village and I interpret the ordinance differently. Anyone in a similar situation?

Discuss with Air they may treat you with clemency.


If the village forbids short term rentals, then AirBNB will [they say] work with you, rehoming your guests without penalties to you. I expect you would need to prove that the village has made this determination, etc., but nothing you wouldn’t be able to provide.

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You should contact Airbnb directly and explain you are now required by law to shut down your listing - they will waive all the associated penalties and cancel the booking on your behalf.

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What duration of stay is considered short term rental? Here in Hawaii, Oahu says you have to have a 30 day or longer stay for it to be acceptable in residential areas. So, guests who book for a week sign a 30 day rental agreement with an addendum that they will be using the home for the week they booked. No one is allowed to rent during the remainder of the 30-day period. Just an idea to work around the no short term rental rule.

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That is a great idea! I was loosely following the once every 30 days in case I did have an issue with the village. Thanks so much for the advice

Gosh that sounds a bit dicey, is it legal?

I will have to do this soon for our Palm Springs home as well. Ours is due to the zero tolerance enforcement of draconian STR ordinances, overreaching new city audits, and a rule that would risk encumbrance if we were to sell our home in the future. We pay over $20,000 in TOT taxes per year and the regulations just keep coming. I’ve had it. On top of that, they’re voting June 5 to get rid of STRs entirely. Note to those thinking of purchasing an STR in Palm Springs - don’t!

We are thankfully in a position where we can still have control over the situation and hit pause preemptively. But it looks like I will need to cancel all our bookings from mid-June through December.

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totally legal, since no one else will be in the home for the 30 day period and that is the stipulation. Oahu’s rule doesn’t say that someone has to occupy the home for the full 30 days, just that it is rented by one party for no less than 30 days.