Sale price for unfilled dates next week?

I have some unfilled dates next week and was thinking about giving a special price for those dates. Is that a good practice? Is there a feature to have a “sale” for those days to get people to notice?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Every market is different. We never discount. We also get many last minute bookings. Someone just booked with us for tonight for 3 nights. Our area has a high demand and not enough rooms many times. But your market may not be like that.

I’m not aware of a way to indicate a sale. Outside of just lowering prices.

Airbnb offers this, I guess you could call it a tool or benefit. I’ve seen it on my calendar page and I’ve also seen it on other people’s listings.

You could call Airbnb. I didn’t find it with a quick search. If the tool doesn’t show when you need it just change the listing title or first line of description in the listing and change your price for those nights.

Like Mike, I get last minute requests and it’s almost never worth it to me to lower my price. But every listing is different

Thanks all for your advice. I will keep the price as it is and hope for a last minute traveler.

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Can’t find it on my calendar. Maybe this is a host specific feature.

If I stumble across a listing with it I’ll screen shot it for you. I rarely get the screen for my own listing, perhaps because I rarely use it?

I have seen new hosts comment on 20% off feature, perhaps it is a feature for new hosts.

I’ve seen it on my listing and I’m not a new host. I search Airbnb regularly from the guest view and I search with the SH filter on and I’ve seen it on listings so it’s not a feature for new hosts. Edit: Someone here posted about offering a discount for the first few bookings, I can’t remember who, so I do think they offer something like that for new hosts. But I’ve also seen it and used it for established hosts. Mine was a 10% off.