SAFETY ISSUE - Anyone experienced this?

We got a reservation from a Girl G.
Her profile shows she’s in Country S.
The phone number shown is from Country G.
She says she is from Peru, from city A.
She has two reviews from hosts, that link to a profile from a girl K. from country U.
She gave her and her boyfriends full names. When I google those names, the first links that show up links them to our city Lima.
Her profile photo show 4 unrecognizable girls. She is visiting with her boyfriend.

What the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, excuse me my language, is going on here?
She is about to arrive on Saturday. We will call AirBnB in a few minutes. Is it just AirBnB’s systems screwing up or should I be worried?

Should I click report profile?

That is so confusing but what I’m getting from it is that she is misrepresenting herself and where she is from? It does sound fishy. Hope you are able to get it figured out or cancel them.

Ok, some mysteries already solved by myself: Her reviews show in another name because she was part of girl K.'s group. Her social media also show possible explanations for being registered in country S. and having a phone number from country G.

Maybe I was overreacting :rofl::sweat_smile:.

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When something doesn’t feel right, yes investigate. We have those little alarm bells for a reason. You did the right thing by not leaping to a cancellation conclusion but pausing, soliciting input from voices of reason, and following through. BRAVO!

Better safe than afterwards saying, “I knew this didn’t feel right…”