Safety Certified Home

Proper offers a 5% discount on their insurance premium for getting your property certified ‘safe’ by Breezeway.

Here is a summary of the safety tips (looks like it is targeted for US properties but I would think that many would be sensible in overseas properties as well).

Here’s the video link:

I just about completed this. It’s a useful exercise, worthwhile to get the 5% discount. They say that “83% of all accident claims at STRs come from slips, trips and falls.”

This includes both outside and inside. They say “Did you check and resolve any issues on the entire rental property to ensure there are no-slip or trip hazards such as uneven flooring, cracked or uneven driveways and walkways, carpets without slip grip, carpet with corners not secured, etc…? This is the most common source of accidents at STRs.”

Those all sound like reasonable safety precautions aside from the CO detector, since if there is no source of CO, such as properties where there is no gas, just electric, a CO detector is pointless.

I had to laugh at the clearly displayed address. Where I live the numbers go in no discernible order- number 50 could be right next to number 186- homeowners by and large make up their own numbers. And my place is down a little nameless dirt road off a big dirt road. The challenge is finding my road, not my address, as there are only 4 houses on my road and mine is the first one.
What my guests need is the map and written directions I send them. The address number is useless to them.

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